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  1. 32. The majority of T cells of the naïve lymphocyte pool wait for the encounter with foreign antigens in
  2. 46. The human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) targets mainly
  3. 20. Basophils of the blood help to get defensive leukocytes to the site quickly by releasing an anticoagulant called _____ and a vasodilator called _____.
  4. 30. T cells undergo positive selection in the thymus, which means
  5. 14. Complement fixation can lead to any of the following effects except
  1. a endogenous pyrexia
  2. b the lymphatic tissues
  3. c helper T cells
  4. d heparin; histamine
  5. e they multiply and form clones of identical T cells

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  1. cancer cells
  2. thymus
  3. eosinophils
  4. margination
  5. thymus

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  1. 26. Vaccination stimulatesdifferentiate into memory antibodies, which upon reexposure to the same pathogen would mount a quicker attack


  2. 24. _______ are antimicrobial proteins.artificial active immunity


  3. 43. ________ constitutes about 80% of circulating antibodies in plasma.IgG


  4. 19. _______ is not a cardinal sign characteristic of inflammation.impaired use


  5. 37. _______ participate in both nonspecific resistance and immune responseinterferons