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  1. 50. Autoimmune diseases are disorders in which the immune system fails to distinguish _____ from foreign ones.
  2. 22. These are a group of proteolytic enzymes secreted by natural killer (NK) cells.
  3. 46. The human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) targets mainly
  4. 21. All these cellular agents participate in inflammation except
  5. 20. Basophils of the blood help to get defensive leukocytes to the site quickly by releasing an anticoagulant called _____ and a vasodilator called _____.
  1. a self antigens
  2. b granzymes
  3. c heparin; histamine
  4. d helper T cells
  5. e cytotoxic T cells

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  1. artificial active immunity
  2. the lymphatic node pump
  3. IgG
  4. secrete fever-producing chemicals
  5. T cells

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  1. 3. Special lymphatic vessels called lacteals absorb dietary _____ that are not absorbed by the blood capillaries.lipids


  2. 7. Immune surveillance is a process in which _______ nonspecifically detect and destroy foreign cells and diseased host cells.helper T cells do not


  3. 16. This figure showsdifferentiate into memory antibodies, which upon reexposure to the same pathogen would mount a quicker attack


  4. 38. Cytotoxic T (TC) cells are like a natural killer (NK) cell because they bothsecrete granzymes and perform


  5. 27. Cellular (cell-mediated) immunity is effective againstcancer cells


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