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  1. 45. Before B cells secrete antibodies they differentiate into
  2. 16. This figure shows
  3. 22. These are a group of proteolytic enzymes secreted by natural killer (NK) cells.
  4. 11. All these belong to the second line of defense except
  5. 1. Lymphatic vessels recover about ____ of the fluid filtered by capillaries
  1. a the gastric juices
  2. b the action of a natural killer cell
  3. c plasma cells
  4. d granzymes
  5. e 15%

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  1. IgG
  2. helper T cells do not
  3. secrete fever-producing chemicals
  4. the thymus
  5. self antigens

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  1. 2. Lymph is similar to blood plasma but very low inthe thymus


  2. 49. A person who is HIV-positive and has helper T (TH) cells count lower than ______ has AIDS.200 cells


  3. 13. _____ employ a "respiratory burst" to produce bactericidal chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide (H202) and hypochlorite (HC1O).neutrophils


  4. 33. All of the following can act as antigen-presenting cells exceptthe gastric juices


  5. 31. The serum used for emergency treatment of snakebites stimulatesartificial passive immunity