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5th Grade Social Studies Chapter 3 Study Guide

Which group of Europeans reached North America about 500 years before Columbus?


Which country sponsored Columbus's expedition across the Atlantic Ocean in 1492?


What is scientific knowledge and tools?


Why did Columbus sail west from Europe?

to find a more direct route to Asia

Who was the leader of the first expedition to sail around the world?

Ferdinand Magellan

Which empire did the army of Hernando Cortes conquer in Mexico?


Who took control of the Inca Empire in Peru?

Francisco Pizarro

What did Verrazano, Cartier, and Hudson search for in North America?

Northwest Passage

What happened during Hudson's last voyage?

His crew mutinied and set him adrift at sea.

Who explored and claimed what is now Florida for the country of Spain?

Juan Ponce de Leon

Who explored the land that connects the Americas and became the first European explorer to reach the Pacific Ocean?

Vasco Nunez de Balboa

Who explored and claimed for Spain what is now the southwestern United States?

Francisco Vasquez de Coronado

Who explored and claimed for Holland much of what is now the state of New York and surrounding areas?

Henry Hudson

Who explored and claimed for Spain much of the southern half of what is now the United States?

Hernando de Soto

What were three problems that early European explorers faced?

They needed better maps and technology.
They faced great danger exploring.
They needed money for the expedition.

What was Christopher Columbus's belief about the lands he reached in 1492 and what are 2 facts that later proved that his belief was incorrect?

He believed he reached Asia.
This was incorrect because Amerigo Vespucci did not see lands matching Polo's description of Asia.
Balboa's crew reached the Pacific Ocean proving Vespucci right.

Why did Columbus have to wait until after the Reconquista to start his voyage?

The king and queen of Spain were too busy fighting a war to get him money.

What were some of the costs and benefits of expeditions for explorers and their sponsors?

Cost paid for ships, crew, and supplies. Benefits were finding riches and new lands.

Why did so many Europeans want to find the Northwest Passage?

It would be a more direct passage (shortcut) to Asia.

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