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Lesson 6 Vocab

To; for

gěi; 給

to make a phone call

dǎ diànhuà; 打電話; 打电话

(on telephone) Hello!; Hey!

wèi; 喂

precisely; exactly

jiù; 就

you (honorific)

nín; 您


nǎ; 哪

(polite measure word for people)

wèi; 位


xiàwǔ; 下午


shíjiān; 時間; 时间

question; problem

wèntí; 問題; 问题

will, be going to; to want to, to have a desire to

yào; 要

to be present; to be at (a place)

zài; 在

To have a meeting

kāihuì; 開會; 开会

to open; to hold (a meeting, party, etc.)

kāi; 開; 开


huì; 會; 会


shàngwǔ; 上午

(measure word for class periods)

jié; 節; 节

class; course; lesson

kè; 課; 课

grade in school

niánjí; 年級

to give or take a test; test

kǎoshì; 考試; 考试

after; from now on, later on

yǐhòu; 以後; 以后

free time

kōng; 空


yàoshi; 要是


fāngbiàn; 方便

to go to; to arrive

dào; 到


bàngōngshì; 辦公室; 办公室

all right; O.K.

xíng; 行

to wait; to wait for

děng; 等


bié; 別


kèqì; 客氣; 客气

next one

xià gè; 下個; 下个

below; next

xià; 下

Chinese language

zhōngwén; 中文

language; script; written language

wén; 文

to help

bāng; 幫; 帮

to prepare

zhǔnbèi; 準備; 准备

to practice

liànxí; 練習; 练习

to say; to speak

shuō; 說; 说


dànshì; 但是

must; to have to

dei3; 得


gēn; 跟

to meet up; to meet with

jiàn miàn; 見面

to come back

huí lái; 回來

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