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Chapter 10 & 11

If a physician documents that the patient's diabetes is poorly controlled, a fifth digit for out of control should be assigned.


Cochlear otosclerosis


The appropriate category used to identify a patient suffering from hypertension with cardiorenal involvement would be:


Status asthmaticus is a term used for a very severe type of asthmatic attack.


Diabetic gastroparesis is reported with what code?

250.60, 536.3

All of the following terms should be referenced in the alphabetic index before referencing the neoplasm table EXCEPT:


The correct code for hypertensive encephalopathy would be:


Bill, a 53-year old, was diagnosed with acute and chronic diastolic heart failure with malignant hypertension. Code this with:

402.01, 428.33

Uncontrolled type 1 diabetes is reported with what code?


A stroke may also be termed as:

Cerebrovascular Accident

The correct codes for dehydration due to pneumonia are:

486, 276.51



The correct code sequence for stenosis of vertebral artery is:


It is important to follow any cross-reference instructions, such as see also.


The titles of the columns on the Hypertension table in the alphabetic index include all EXCEPT:


The correct code(s) for acute and chronic laryngitis is/are:

464.0, 476.0

Multiple coding should not be used when there is a combination code that identifies all the elements documented in the diagnosis.


The correct code for hypertensive heart disease without heart failure, unspecified, should be coded as what?


Hailey, 1 year old is diagnosed with toxoplasmosis. Report this with what code?


ICD-9-CM presumes a cause and effect relationship between hypertension and chronic kidney disease.


Anna is diagnosed with an ethmoidal sinus infection. How would this be coded?


It is unacceptable to code an impending condition as if it exists.


The correct code to report for Gaucher's disease is what?


A late effect is the residual condition that is still present two months after the acute illness or injury.


The site to which malignancy spread is coded as the:

Secondary Site

When a patient is admitted for chemotherapy, assign the code for the malignancy as the first-listed diagnosis.


The first column of the neoplasm table lists:

Anatomical site

Hypertensive retinopathy is coded as what?


A combination code is a single code used to classify:

A single code for two diagnosis, that are associated.

HIV infection can be reported if documented as "suspected" or "possible".


Evelyn is diagnosed with bone and liver cancer metastasized from her breast. Which statement is NOT correct?

Bone cancer is primary.

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