Integrated Chinese, L1, P1 Lesson 7

40 terms by emerlus

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Studying Chinese

to talk

shuo1 hua4; 說話; 说话

word; speech

hua4; 話; 话

the previous one

shang4 ge; 上個; 上个

to review

fu4xi2; 複習; 复习

to write

xie3; 寫; 写


zi4; 字


man4; 慢

(measure word for long, thin, inflexible objects such as pens, rifles, etc.)

zhi1; 枝


bi3; 筆; 笔

(measure word for flat objects, paper, pictures, etc.)

zhang1; 張; 张


zhi3; 纸

to teach

jiao1; 教

how; how come

zen3me; 怎么

to understand

dong3; 懂


zhen1; 真


na3li; 哪裡; 哪里

to preview

yu4xi2; 預習; 预习

to study; to learn

xue2; ;學; 学

(prefix for ordinal numbers)

di4; 第


yu3fa3; ;語法; 语法


rong2yi4; 容易

new words; vocabulary

sheng1ci2; 生詞; 生词

many; much

duo1; 多

Chinese charactera

Han4zi4;漢字; 汉字


nan2; 難; 难


ping2chang2; 平常


zao3; 早

so; this (late, etc.)

zhe4me; 这么


wan3; 晚


zao3shang; 早上

homework; schoolwork

gong1ke4; 功課;功课


da5jia1; 大家

to go to a class; to start a class; to be in class

shang4 ke4; 上課; 上课

to begin, to start; beginning

kai1shi3; 開始; 开始

to read aloud

nian4; 念

text of a lesson

ke4wen2; 課文; 课文

sound recording; to record

lu4yin1; 錄音; 录音

to study; to learn

xue2xi2; 學習; 学习


shuai4; 帅


ku4; 酷

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