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Chapter 33 French 3

French Two Years
Les Alpes
Serve as the frontier of France and Italy and contain Mont Blanc
Les Pyrenees
separate france and spain
Le jura
Separates France and Switzerland
Les Vosges
Found in Alsace, next to Germany
Le Massif Central
Many extinct volcanoes
La seine
Is very navigable, and goes through Paris
La Loire
Is the longest, many castles, starts in les Massif Central, ends in Atlantic.
La Garonne
Starts in spain and ends in Atlantic
Le Rhone
Very rapid and turbulent, meets up with the saône at Lyon. It forms a delta called camargue. Hydroelectric Dams
Le Rhin
Separates France and Germany
Canal du midi
Mieux connus
La corse
Napoleon 1 was born here
La Bretagne
Lots of pêchers and marins(sailors), speak Celtic, has a holiday called pardons
La nourmandie
Known for dairy products (butter, cheese), guillame the conqueror conquered England, D-day
Where the king lived and where the central govt is today. Paris is in this province
L'Alsace and La Lourraine
Disputed between France and Germany. Alsace is agricultural. Lourraine is industrial with "mines de fer"
La provence
Lots of roman monuments. They speak Provençal.
La touraine
Nicknamed "garden of France". Many fruits, veggies. Many castles near the Loire
La Bourgogne and le Champagne
Are known for their wines
Has volcanoes
La savoie
Where the alps and Mont Blanc are
La flandre
Forms the border with Belgium
is divided by the seine into rive gauche and rive droite. It is also divided into 20 arrondissements.
La Louvre
la jaconde is here (mona lisa)
L`Hotel des invalides
the tomb of Napolean 1
Le pantheon
a church honoring st. genevieve
Also the graves of famous parisians: Voltaire, Marie Curie, Victor Hugo
Le musee de Cluny
contains art from the moyen age and the renaissance
La Madeleine
resembles a greek temple
La basilique
is on a small hill.
La Sainte-Chappelle
made for saint louis. Amazing stained glass (vitraux)
Le Jardin des Tuileries
is the king of france`s favorite garden
La Place de la Concorde
many people were guillotined here.
La place Charles de Gaule
12 avenues meet at the arc of triumph here. Under the arc is the tomb of unknown soldiers and the eternal flame.
La place Vendôme
many elegant stores
La place de la bastille
a prison. la colonne de juillet is in the center, a monument to the people killed in the July revolution
La Tour Eiffel
built 1889, emits radio and TV rays
La Sourbonne
the oldest university in Paris
La cite universitaire
where french students live
La Concierge
an ancient prison
Le forum des halles
the oldest market central in paris
Les Galeries Lafayette, Le Bon Marché and Printemps
are all grand magasins (big stores)
The palace constructed for Louis XIV
The castle perferred by Napolean I
L`Avenue des Champs-Élysées
goes through la place de concorde and la place charles de gaulle
Les Quais
runs alongside the Seine
Two Airports in Paris
Charles-de-gaulle, Orly
Train a grand vitesse.
connects paris with 50 other cities, 5 in switzlerland.
le metro
is underground
connects London, England with Paris, France. It goes under la mance (mediterranean)