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"ar" verbs conjugating in spanish

necesitar (infinitive)
to need
Yo necesito
I need
tú necesitas
you need
él necesita
he needs
ella necesita
she needs
usted necesita
you need adult
nosotros necesitamos
we need males or females
nosotras necesitamos
we need females
ellos necesitan
they need males or females
ellas necesitan
they need females
ustedes necesitan
you guys need
buscar (infinitive)
to look for
yo busco
I look for
tú buscas
you look for
él busca
he looks for
ella busca
she looks for
usted busca
you look for adult
nosotros buscamos
we look for males or females
nosotras buscamos
we look for females
ellos buscan
they look for males or females
ellas buscan
they look for females
ustedes buscan
you guys look for
mirar (Infinitive)
to look
yo miro
I look
tú miras
you look
él mira
he looks
ella mira
she looks
usted mira
you look adult
nosotros miramos
we look males or females
nosotras miramos
we look females
ellos miran
they look males or females
ellas miran
they look females
ustedes miran
you guys look
comprar (infinitive)
to buy
yo compro
I buy
tú compras
you buy
él compra
he buys
ella compra
she buys
usted compra
you buy adult
nosotros compramos
we buy males or females
nosotras compramos
we buy females
ellos compran
they buy males or females
ellas compran
they buy females
ustedes compran
you guys buy
hablar (infinitive)
to speak
yo hablo
I speak
tú hablas
you speak
él habla
he speaks
ella habla
she speaks
usted habla
you speak adult
nosotros hablamos
we speak males or females
nosotras hablamos
we speak females
ellos hablan
they speak males or females
ellas hablan
they speak females
ustedes hablan
you guys speak
pagar (infinitive)
to pay
yo pago
I pay
tú pagas
you pay
él paga
he pays
ella paga
she pays
usted paga
you pay adult
nosotros pagamos
we pay males or females
nosotras pagamos
we pay females
ellos pagan
they pay males or femlaes
ellas pagan
they pay females
ustedes pagan
you guys pay

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