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  1. dynasty
  2. hazard
  3. barren
  4. renovate
  5. insinuate
  1. a syn:ruiling house; ant-none-
  2. b syn:imply, intimate; ant: barge in, broadcast
  3. c syn: danger; ant-none-
  4. d not productive
  5. e syn: repair fix up ant-none-

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  1. a pause in fighting, temporary peace
  2. syn: descend, land; ant:mount, ascend, board
  3. syn:sprout, grow; ant:die, wither
  4. powerful family that keeps power for a long time
  5. next to

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  1. customarysyn:pamper, provide; ant: deny, refuse


  2. interrogatenever-ending, so long it seems endless


  3. hurtlesyn: speed, race; ant: crawl, creep


  4. hurtlesyn: peace, cease-fire; ant: war, fighting


  5. foretastesyn: preview; ant-none-