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  1. foretaste
  2. trivial
  3. resume
  4. hazard
  5. barren
  1. a short written account of one's education, work experience, or qualifications for a job
  2. b risk, peril
  3. c not productive
  4. d syn: preview; ant-none-
  5. e not important, minor

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  1. to repair, make new again
  2. syn:drip, small amount; ant:flood, deluge
  3. syn: unconcern; ant: interest, concern
  4. to pay back or give a reward
  5. lighted up

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  1. indifferencefilled with anger over something unjust


  2. vicioushaving bad behavior or an ugly disposition, evil, bad


  3. entrepreneursyn:unproductive; ant: fertile, productive


  4. homicidesyn: murder; ant-none-


  5. interrogatesyn:never-ending; ant:brief, short