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  1. Magellan
  2. de Champlain
  3. Cortes
  4. Leif Ericson
  5. Dias
  1. a conquered the Aztec Indians
  2. b sailed around the world in three years
  3. c viking who landed in canada around AD 1000
  4. d "Father of New France"; founded the first permanent French colony in the New World, Quebec
  5. e sailed to the southern tip of africa; "Cape of Good Hope"

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  1. crossed the Isthus of Panama and discovered the Pacific Ocean
  2. first man to realized that columbus discovered new continent; America is named after him
  3. founded a colony on Roanoke Island
  4. explored the eastern coast of North America for France
  5. discovered Delaware Bay and Hudson River

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  1. de Sotofirst explorer to reach the North American mainland; claimed Newfoundland


  2. Marquette and Jolietfirst european to travel the whole length of Asia


  3. da Gamasailed around Africa to India


  4. Cartierconquered the Aztec Indians


  5. Coronadoexplored the southwestern US and discovered the Grand Canyon


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