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  1. de Balboa
  2. Pizarro
  3. Marco Polo
  4. da Gama
  5. Cortes
  1. a conquered the Aztec Indians
  2. b conquered the Inca Indians of Peru
  3. c sailed around Africa to India
  4. d crossed the Isthus of Panama and discovered the Pacific Ocean
  5. e first european to travel the whole length of Asia

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  1. first man to realized that columbus discovered new continent; America is named after him
  2. in 1492, this dude sailed the ocean blue
  3. explored the eastern coast of North America for France
  4. explored the coast of California
  5. made the first spanish landing in North American mainland; discovered Florida

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  1. Marquette and JolietThese two men, a Jesuit missionary and fur trader, explored the central Mississippi River (never reached the Gulf)


  2. de Champlain"Father of New France"; founded the first permanent French colony in the New World, Quebec


  3. Cabraldiscovered Brazil


  4. Cartierdiscovered the St. Lawrence River


  5. Coronadoexplored the southwestern US and discovered the Grand Canyon