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Human Migration and Population Review

city environments that are busy and crowded
a person who moves to and settles in a new country
country areas with open spaces
population distribution
where people live in the world
number of people in a given area
population growth
demographers compare birth and death rates to figure out growth in populations
population density
the average number of people in a square mile
Push-Pull Theory
explains why people migrate
high population density
affects include lack of farmland and housing, traffic jams, overcrowding
where people live
places with lots of resources including good climate, lots of food and water, and good jobs, houses and schools
low population density
places with climate and land that is difficult to live in
Push factors
war, crime, lack of jobs, lack of freedom, disease
Pull factors
peace, low crime rates, lots of jobs, political and religious freedom, good health care and schools
Rural benefits/disadvantages
Good: lots of space and privacy, good farmland, beautiful
Bad: lack of jobs, shopping, things to do
Urban benefits/disadvantages
Good: lots of jobs, shopping, things to do
Bad: crowded, higher crime rates, lack of privacy
factors affecting population growth
new farming techniques and better health care