sociology chap 3

Meads theory on personal development is based on the image we present to those around us, the reactions to these people, and the way we interpret all this
Children who are assumed to have been raised by animals
the starting and stopping points of the development during the life course
self-concept begins in childhood and continues throughout life
Mead considered the most essential for an individual to be a full fledged member of society
ability to take the roll of another
what is the proposed source of Ekmans six specific emotions in all cultures
they are a product of our genres
how does mass media influence gender roles
reinforces gender roles appropriate for ones sex
why is entering into a school significant
it marks the transfer of allegiance from family to peer groups
frank is interning at a hospital to prepare to be a nurse. this is
anticipatory socialization
period following high school before adultood
transitional adulthood
stages that people pass through from birth to death
the life course
parents are the first to show children the gender map
social class, gender, race= social location
key to infant mother bonding
intimate social contact
trying to win approval of others shows the others are
significant others
Mead: norms, values, attitudes and expectations of the public
generalized others
______ for expressing emotion are based on culture, social class, relationships and setting
culture rules
Goldberg and Lewis coucluded ____ after observing mother/child interaction
mothers unconciously rewarded their daughters for being dependent
According to Mead's theory of development, individuals who have a profound influence on the lives of another person, such as parents or siblings, are referred to as ________.
significant others
Morris is 3 years old and just beginning to talk. He can count to 10 but is not altogether sure what numbers actually mean. According to Piaget, Morris is in the ________ stage.
When young people enter college as resident students, they must learn new norms, values, attitudes, and behaviors. This is an example of ________.