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In what way did foot-binding serve to diminish the independence of Chinese women by the end of the Song era?
Foot-binding sufficiently crippled women to effectively confine their mobility to their household.
The man responsible for the creation of the Sui dynasty was
What group was responsible for the fall of the southern Song dynasty in 1279?
Which of the following intellectual schools was responsible for the production of most literary and artistic works during the Tang-Song era?
Who was the founder of the Tang dynasty?
Li Yuan
The title of jinshi was reserved for those who
passed the most difficult exams on Chinese literature.
Who was the most prominent of the neo-Confucians during the Song era?
Zhu Xi
What proved to be the most damaging attack on Buddhism's popularity with the people during the early Tang dynasty?
The Confucians' successful campaign to convince the emperor that the Buddhist monastic establishment represented an economic threat
Which of the following statements concerning urbanization in China during the Tang-Song era is most accurate?
Chinese urbanization mushroomed during the Tang-Song era with a higher proportion of the population living in cities.
Which of the following statements concerning the status of women in the Tang-Song era is most accurate?
The assertion of male dominance within the family was especially pronounced in the thinking of the neo-Confucian philosophers.
Which of the following statements about Chinese landscape painting is most accurate?
Members of the ruling political elite in China produced many of the paintings in the Song era.
Which of the following descriptions of Pure Land Buddhism is NOT accurate?
It appealed to upper class Chinese.
Which of the following statements concerning the extent of the Tang empire is most accurate?
The Tang built an empire that was far larger than the Han, an empire whose boundaries in many directions extended beyond the borders of modern China.
How did the Song empire compare to the Tang?
The Song empire was smaller in territorial extent than the Tang empire.
What was the capital of the southern Song dynasty?
What was the result of the imperial attempt by the Tang to suppress Buddhism within the Chinese empire?
d. Buddhism survived the repression, but in a reduced state without the political influence of the early Tang years.