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Cell Organelles Def

Cell Membrane
thin flexible barrier that regulates what enteres or leaves a cell and provides protection and support, a thin membrane around the cytoplasm of a cell
Cell Wall
porous, and lies outside the cell membrane it provides support and protection for the cell, in plants, algae, and bacteria
jellylike material that holds the cell together
contains all the cell's DNA with it coded instructions for making proteins and other important molecules
Nuclear envelope
composed of 2 membranes and is doted with thousadns of pores that allow material to move in and out of the nucleus
threadlike structures that contain the genetic information that is passed from one generation of cells to the next
DNA bound to protein that forms chromosomes
assembly of ribosomes begin
produce proteins by following coded instructions that come from the nucleus
Endoplasmic reticulum
lipid components of the cell membrane are assembled, along with proteins and other materials that are exported from the cell
Smooth endoplasmic reticulum
produces membrane lipids, and detoxification of drugs
Rough endoplasmic reticulum
produces large amounts of protein for export
Golgi apparatus
modify, sort, and package proteins and other molecules from the endoplasmic reticulum for storage in the cell or secretion outside the cell
digestion or breakdown of lipids, carbohydrates, and proteins into small molecules that can be used by the rest of the cell
saclike structures that store materials such as water, salts ,proteins, and carbohydrates
contain an outer and inner membrane and convert chemical energy stored in food into compounds that are more convinient for the cell to use
green structures that capture energy from sunlight and convert it into chemical energy in a process called photosynthesis
threadlike structures made of a protein called actin and they form extensive networks in some cells and produce a tough, flexible framework that supports the cell
hollow structures made up of proteins known as tubulins