15 terms

The Odyssey "The Witch Circe" and "Land of the Dead"

while sailing away from Cyclops' island why did Odysseus' crewmen open the bag that held the strmy winds
they thought it was treasure
the witch Circe lived on what island
what two types of animals lazed around Circe's home but offered no threat to Odysseus' crewmen
mountain lions and wolves
what was Circe doing(two things) when the crewmen arrived
singing and weaving
how many men arrived at her doorstep
what member of teh crew suggested they all enter Circe's house
waht diEurylochus escape being transformed into
a pig
who gave Odysseus a plant that weakened Circe's power allowing him to resist her sorcery
what city is Teiresias from
what color was teh lamb and its blood that Odysseus sacrificed for Teiresias
according to Teiresias what god was preparing anguish for Odysseus and crew
Teiresias warned that if Odysseus and crew slaughtered the cattle of what god then his crew would all die and he would be lost for years
what did Teiresias instruct Odysseus to take with him on his desert trip
an oar
Teiresias instructs Odysseus to kill what froup of men when he treturns home
his wifes suitors
"What a winnowing fan is that...
upon your shoulder"