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asexual division (mitosis)

When one cell divides and gives rise to two new cells its called _____.

23, 46

Humans normally have _____ chromosomes from each parent. _________ total.

zygotic division, reduction division

Meiosis is also called _____ or _____.


In human males meiosis is completed after _____.

accessory sex organs

The vagina and penis are examples of _____ organs.

vas deferens

The _____ is normally cut in a male during sterilization.

spermatic fascia

_____ covers the spermatic cord.

cremaster muscle, thermoregulation

The muscle found in the spermatic cord that looks like corned beef is the _____. Functionally it is important for _____.

tunica vaginalis

The remnant of peritoneum forming the innermost layer of the fascial sac is the _____.

cremaster, dartos

The _____ muscle and the _____ muscle contract if the testicle is too cold. They pull the testicle against the body to warm it up.


A spermatozoon must develop a _____ in order to swim.


The tunica albuginea is the outer covering of the _____.


In human males the prostate gland can be palpated from the _____.


Semen is normally deposited in the _____.

true - actually it is fructose sugar

True or False? Seminal fluids contain sugar.

false - but dogs, raccoons, and whales do

True or False? Humans have a bone in the penis.


In a human female the _____ can be palpated from the rectum.

6 weeks

From the time of fertilization to _____ there is no anatomical difference between males and females.


The ovary in a female is homologous to the _____ in the male.

zygote, death

asexual begins with ________ and ends with _________.

genetically identical to the original cell, same number of chromosomes

The two new cells from asexual are what to the original cell and how many chromosomes?

stays the same

In mitosis the number of chromosomes _____________.


sexual (meiosis) results in the formation of ___________.

half the normal number

in sexual (meiosis) the number of chromosomes is reduced to what?


sexual (meiosis) two cells combine to give rise to one new cell, this is called _____________.


the gametes combine into one __________.


male gamete is


female gamete is

xxy instead of xx

down syndrome for females

xyy instead of xy

down syndrome for males

x instead of xx

turners syndrome

to have two anatomical forms

humans being sexually dimorphic means


primary sex organ of male?


what is the primary sex organ of the female?


ovaries and testicles are ___________ glands that produce gametes, (spermatoza and ova)


____________ ova per woman.

before birth

for the ovary, meiosis is thought to be complete when

birth, stops, after puberty

for the testicle, meiosis is thought to begin before __________ and then ________. and is complete ___________.

exocrine products

the gametes from the testicle are ________.


testicle produces what hormones __________

estrogen and progesterone

ovary produces what hormones ___________


adrenal glands produce small amounts of both __________

accessory organs

these help transport spermatozoa to the ovum and upon fertilization help maintain the fetus.

male ducts, cervix, uterus, and oviducts

along with the penis and vagina, what are the other acessory organs?

mammary glands, musculature, skeletal diffferences, adipose tissue location and cycles, agreession and personality, sex drive, maintaining the differences

other than facial and body hair, voice change, what other changes come about at puberty?

pelvic cavity

urinary bladder and urethra of males and females are located in the _____________.


the male urethra passes ______________ into the penis.

urinary bladder, the bulb of the penis

prostate is an enlargement between the __________ and the _________________.

vas deferens, seminal duct

ejaculatory duct begins where the _______________ and _____________ meet.

pubic arch

the crus anchors the penis to the ___________.

erectile cylinders

the shaft houses the urethra and __________________.


the duct of the epididymis is _________ feet long.

fascial sac

what covers the testicle?

glans penis

the ___________ is the end of the corpus spongiosum

abdominal aponeuroses

fascial sac is made up of ______________.

body cavity, inguinal ligament

the testicle originates in the ______________ and descends to the _________________.

spermatic fascia

in the adult the peritoneum is no longer found in the _________

spermatic fascia, cremaster muscle

in the adult the internal abdominal oblique muscle fibers are in the ___________ or the _____________.

tunica vagalinis

in the adult the _____________ is the remaining peritoneum forming the innermost layer of the fascial sac.

internal inguinal ring, umbilicus

the _______________ is the potential problem for inguinal hernias. another place they occur is the ____________.

external iliac

femoral hernias can occur where the ______________ passes deep to the inguinal ligament.

3 to 4

in order for normal spermatozoa development the testicle must be ____________ degrees Celcius cooler than body temperature.

cremaster muscle and dartos muscle

If the testicle is too cold what two muscles contract? this brings the testicles closer to the body wall to warm it up.

tunica albuginea

____________ is the outer covering of the testicle.

seminiferous tubles, spermatoza

inside testicle are _____________________ (microscopic) these produce _____________.

rete testes

spermatoza move from seminiferous tubules to _________

dendritic system

______________ drains into the vas efferens

epipdidymis, posterior

spematozoa spend 20 days in the duct of the ____________ on the ________ side of the testicle.


head of the spermatozoon has how many chromosomes?


midpiece of spermatozoon has ___________

spermatozoa to vas deferens

smooth muscles in the walls of epididymis contract during ejaculations this is to help pump _______________

phagocytized, endothelial cells of duct

if no ejaculation occurs within several months, the spermatozoa are ________________ by ____________________.

uterine contractions

seminiferous fluids contain stimulants the cause ___________.

immune response against spermatozoa by female

seminiferous fluids contain chemicals to reduce

motility of spermatozoa

seminiferous fluids contain chemicals to increase

clot semen and later liquefy it

seminiferous fluids contain enzymes that

ejaculatory duct

the union of the seminal duct and the vas deferens forms the ___________.

prostate gland

the __________ is a gland with 30 to 40 glands and can be palpated from the rectum.

bulb of penis

semen move to the __________.

bulbourethral glands

________________secretions are mostly mucus, and lubricate the urethra to neutralize the acids of the urine.

corpus spongiosum

____________ makes up the glans

corpora cavernosa

__________________ continuous with the crura and end up on the posterior side of the shaft.


_________ anchor penis to pubic arach through the ischiocavernosus muscle.


the _____________ are highly vascular when filled with blood they cause the erection.


anatomical position of the penis is _____________.


the _______________ is the origin for the round ligament of the ovary and the round ligament of the uterus

round ligament

______________anchors the ovary to the uterus


the __________ covers the ovary


the ________________ has ciliated epithelial cells that sweep the ovum to the oviduct.


the _________ is digested y the first spermatozoa that arrive before fertilization can occur

polar body

the ____________is one of the cells produced during meiosis its is non functional and cannot be fertilized.


it takes about _________ days for the oviducts cilia to sweep the ovum or zygote to the body of the uterus.

distal third of oviduct

fertilization is normally in the _______________


the cervix can be palpated from the __________


semen is deposited in the _________

external, internal

in humans the vestibule is __________ in cats it is _____________. it is a common urogenital sinus

secrete mucus for lubrication during intercourse

there are greater vestibular glands (bartholins galnds ) along the posterior lateral margin of the vestibule - these do what?

bulbourethral glands

the greater vestibular glands (bratholins glands) have a common origin with the __________ of the male.

anatomical difference between males and females

from fertization to six weeks there is no ____________


there are two pairs of ducts, and a pair of gonads and gebernaculum with each what

little governor

gubernaculum means

it becomes part of the renal system of the adult male

what happens to the mullerian duct in the male?

round ligament of the ovary and round ligament of the uterus

in the female the gubernaculum becomes the

the two round ligaments

the broad ligament of the uterus is peritoneum and ______________ is not

it became part of the renal system of the adult female

what happend to the wolffian duct in the female?


the homologus structure to the penis is the


homologus structure to the ovary is the

male urinary tract

homologus structure to the female acessory organ is the

part of the female urinary tract

homologus structure to the male accessory organs is the

greater vestibular gland

homologus structure to the bulbourethral gland is the

labium jaor

homologus structure to the crus of the penis is the

labia minora

homologus structure to the bulb of the penis is the

do it


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