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Masks and masking played important roles in some Indian cultures. The kwakiuto mask called Crooked Beak

is one of four monstrous beings who eat human flash

One similarity between the feather cloaks of Hawaii and the meetinghouses of the Maori people of New Zealand is that

both embody ideas about the order of society and the protective powers of the gods

In the tumbaga pendant depicting a ruler, birds unfold like wings on either side of his head, representing

spirit alter egos that give access to the other world

The Aborigines of Australia

arrived by sea as early as 50,000 years ago from Southeast Asia

One Mesoamerican culture is often called the "mother culture" because it seemed to have institutionalized the features that mark later civilations in the region. Which culture does this term refer to

the Olmec

The Tairona ornament made of tubaga was fashioned using the technique of

lost-wax casting

In the Tolai spirit society knows as duk duk, the duk duk are

male spirits who punish lawbreakers

Although no one know for certain how long people have lives in the Americas, the earliest known evidence points to human habitation from about

11,000 years ago

The monumental sculptures of Easter Island

were carved from volcanic stone in the island's mountains

Many Mimbres ceramics recovered from graves have been shattered or pierced. This may represent

the breaking of the vessel of the human body in death

The ability to decipher Mayan writing has shifted our understanding of Mayan art. Whereas scholars previously believed Mayan art's purpose was to _____, they now believe it to have been_____

present stories of the gods / almost entirely concerned with history

Where are the Tolai People from


The Yucatan Peninsula was home to the civilation of the Maya. All but one of the following have been acknowledged as accomplishments of the Mayan culture

oil painting

The use of gold in the Americas was

first developed in Peru

A kiva is a large, underground ceremonial chamber of the _____ people


The term pre-Columbian is currently less accepted to describe cultures in the Americas before the arrival of Columbus because

the cultures did not think of themselves as coming "before" anythin

Where did the Lakot live

North America

One god in the Aztec pantheon was Quetzalcoati, who played an important role in the survival of this culture by

bringing rain and water through windstorms

Several cultures are know collectively as the "mound builders" The most famous of the mounds still visible is

the Serpent Mound

The Monche of South America left a substantial record of art that includes

tens of thousands of ceramic objects, often depicting kneeling warriors

Today, the capital city of the Aztecs, Tenochititlan

has little remaining, with a modern city on the same site

In the Pueblo culture, the Kachinas

are supernatural beings

Hawaiin feather cloaks were inbued with protective spiritual power

by chanting names of ancestors of the intended wearer

The meetinghouses of the Maori have panels of patterned lattice that

are woven by women who are not permitted to enter the meetinghouses

The Incan city of Machu Picchu

demonstrates the Incan sensitivity to the natural landscape

The ancient arts of the North America are much less available to us because

they were made fromperishable materials

The ceremonial tubuan masks of the Tolai people from New Britain represent the famal duk duk spirits, who

All these answers are correct

Mesoamerican civilizations shared many features; however, _____ was not a common feature

one chared written language

Religious belief in the Dramtime or the Draming is associted with

the meanings of the images in the earlies rock engravings of the Australian aborigines

The Cliff Palace at Mesa Verde in Colorado is evidence of

an urban community

The masks of the Tolai people from New Britain represent the female spirits Tubuan Who

All these answers are correct

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