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  1. Sunni
  2. one thousand and one nights
  3. Icon
  4. sultan
  5. moors
  1. a believed the caliph should be chosen by muslims
  2. b holy picture of jesus, virgin mary, the saints
  3. c muslims who made spain their new home
  4. d collection of familiar tales
  5. e leaders who came one after another, controlled different parts of the islam world

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  1. a person is not a member of the church anymore
  2. teachings of islam to defend the faith
  3. people who were nomads in the arabian peninsula
  4. group of people who thought only a descendant of Mohammed should be caliph
  5. invaded the byzantine empire in 1453

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  1. heresymoney or goods a wife brought to a husband at marriage


  2. qu'ranmoral laws, holy book for muslims


  3. Astrolabecompass used for location of the stars


  4. Hagia sophiagreat buildings of the church in constantinople


  5. iconoclastic controversybelieved that having icons in church was the same as worshipping idols. they didn't like