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  1. qu'ran
  2. Justinian Code
  3. Hagia sophia
  4. muslim lands
  5. greek fire
  1. a parts of asia constantinople, baghdad, ghanza, parts of europe, cairo, mecca
  2. b great buildings of the church in constantinople
  3. c collections of laws that formed the basis for byzantine law under justinian
  4. d chemical weapon that ships had
  5. e moral laws, holy book for muslims

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  1. doctor/ wrote the encyclopedia of medicine
  2. missionaries to the slavs
  3. believed the caliph should be chosen by muslims
  4. Justinian's wife
  5. silk road

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  1. Justinianleaders who came one after another, controlled different parts of the islam world


  2. iconoclastic controversydebate between the opponents and defenders of icons


  3. heresyopinion that conflicts with official church believers


  4. moorsmoney or goods a wife brought to a husband at marriage


  5. shi'ite muslimsgroup of people who thought only a descendant of Mohammed should be caliph