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  1. Belisarius
  2. moors
  3. Astrolabe
  4. jihad
  5. who was abu bakr
  1. a general of the army that crashed nika
  2. b compass used for location of the stars
  3. c teachings of islam to defend the faith
  4. d a caliph (succesor of the prophet)
  5. e muslims who made spain their new home

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  1. Justinian's wife
  2. parts of asia constantinople, baghdad, ghanza, parts of europe, cairo, mecca
  3. silk road
  4. moral laws, holy book for muslims
  5. missionaries to the slavs

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  1. ottoman turksinvaded the byzantine empire in 1453


  2. greek firechemical weapon that ships had


  3. Hagia sophiagreat buildings of the church in constantinople


  4. Sunniholy picture of jesus, virgin mary, the saints


  5. one thousand and one nightscollection of familiar tales