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  1. Hagia sophia
  2. who was abu bakr
  3. Justinian Code
  4. Belisarius
  5. Dowry
  1. a general of the army that crashed nika
  2. b a caliph (succesor of the prophet)
  3. c collections of laws that formed the basis for byzantine law under justinian
  4. d money or goods a wife brought to a husband at marriage
  5. e great buildings of the church in constantinople

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  1. silk road
  2. was an emperor who ruled from ad 527 to ad 565, led the byzantines in this revival
  3. holy picture of jesus, virgin mary, the saints
  4. compass used for location of the stars
  5. parts of asia constantinople, baghdad, ghanza, parts of europe, cairo, mecca

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  1. cyril and methodiusmissionaries to the slavs


  2. mosaicpicture often found in Byzantine churches that was made from small pieces of enamel, glass, or stone


  3. moorsmoney or goods a wife brought to a husband at marriage


  4. greek firepeople who were nomads in the arabian peninsula


  5. theodoraJustinian's wife