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Landmarks In Humanites Special Edition for Valencia College McGraw Hill copyright 2013 Author: Gloria K. Fiero

Parmigianino's "Madonna of the Long Neck" best describes



founding figure of the Society of Jesus


designer of the piazza in front of St. Peter's Basilica and one of the most influential Baroque artists

Italian baroque churches had ____ (name 3 characteristics)

wide naves, vast domes and magnificent altarpieces (NOT minimal ornamentation)

"Spiritual Exercises"

influential handbook that reflected the mysticism and militancy of the Jesuit order

Bernini's "Ecstasy of Saint Teresa" was ____ (name three facts)

1. Based on the visions of the saint 2. Executed in marble, stucco and gilded wood. 3. Located inside a church chapel

Palestrina's "music of mystic serenity" captured___

the conservative quality of the Catholic Reformation

The term "baroque" in painting comprises _____ (name 3 things)

1. illusionistic effects 2. strong contrasts of light and dark 3. theatrical flamboyance (NOT strict compositional symmetry)

For Rembrandt, group portraiture was_____.

the Dutch painter's most lucrative genre of art

Two artists associated with the Church of St Paul's in London were ______

Donne and Wren


17th century influential Calvinists who called for churchly reform

Neoclassical principles

principle that Louis XIV and his followers envisioned that Academic art depended heavily on


A leading figure in the evolution of academic art

still life painting

genre that dutch female painter Maria van Oosterwyck and other female artists excelled at as they were not allowed to use male models

Milton's "Paradise Lost"

epic landmark that describes the fall of Adam and Eve

Name 3 facts about the plays of Moliere.

1. Often included musical interludes 2. Were often presented at the court of Louis XIV 3. described the comic foibles of human society

Louis the XIV established____

the first permanent orchestra in Europe


where the text of an opera an be found

El Greco and Velazquez both served in the courts of____


Bach based his cantatas largely on____

Lutheran chorales

Cremona, Italy

world center for the manufacture of violins in the 17th century

Giovanni Gabrieli was celebrated for his_____

clear and simple religious music

The Baroque era of music represents a turning point because it witnessed _____ (name 3 things)

1. Adoption of equal temperament tuning. 2. Development of oratorio 3. The birth of opera


composer associated with the birth of the English oratorio

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