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Photoshop ACA CS5 Domain 2 Vocabulary

Identifying Design Elements When Preparing Images

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aspect ratio
the relationship of an object's height to its width
the area behind the subject
bitmap or raster image
an image represented by pixels in a grid
Camera Raw
file format containing unprocessed data
cyan, magenta, yellow, black; used to create colors in print
removing the outside portion of an image to correct its focal point
document size
the print dimensions and resolution of an image
decreased the number of pixels; image data is removed
dpi (dots per inch)
the resolution measurement on a printer
field of view
the area that makes up a picture
the area of the composition that often displays the subject of the composition
complete range of colors
high dynamic range (HDR)
images that allow a photographer to record a much larger range of tonal detail than can be captured in one photo
image composition
the arrangement of the visual elements of your image
method used in Photoshop to resample an image using existing pixel colors to create new color values
line screen frequency, screen ruling, screen frequency
the number of printer dots; measured in lpi
lpi (lines per inch)
lines of cells per inch in a halftone screen
picture element; a single point in an image
the feeling that is conveyed to the reader by making the typeface comfortable and easy to read
measured in ppi (pixels per inch); the amount of detail an image holds
red, green, blue; create the colors seen on a computer display, television screen, or movie in a theater
the selections made to design the text and placement of words
increasing the number of pixels per inch
image created with mathematical calculations; can be enlarged without loss of quality
visual hierarchy
used in graphic design to emphasize important elements and organize content in a logical manner
change the number of pixels in an image
nearest neighbor
most basic method of interpolation; duplicates the nearest pixel
medium quality interpolation; pixels are added by averaging color values from the surrounding pixels
better quality interpolation; a more complex method is used to determine the color of new pixels that are added based on a larger area of surrounding pixels
bicubic smoother
interpolation method that creates a smoother result when enlarging an image
bicubic sharper
interpolation method that enhances sharpening and is used to reduce the size of an image