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  1. guise
  2. pliable
  3. adulterate
  4. unkempt
  5. insidious
  1. a (adj.) easily bent, flexible
  2. b (n.) cover or disguise
  3. c (adj.) not combed, untidy, unpolished
  4. d (v.) to corrupt or make worse
  5. e (adj.) intended to deceive or entrap

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  1. (v.) to position or arrange
  2. (adj.) experimental in nature, hesitant
  3. (v.) to make larger
  4. (adj.) not easily moved mentally or emotionally
  5. (n.) a hint or indirect suggestion

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  1. dour(v.) to stare at with open mouth


  2. gibe(v.) to stare at with open mouth


  3. opulent(adj.) wealthy, luxurious


  4. fortitude(adj.) experimental in nature, hesitant


  5. bereft(adj.) deprived of


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