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n.: a way of approach or entry; permission to approach, enter or use; ACCESSIBLE capable of being used or entered


v.: to bring about a change in; to influence; to make one feel deep emotion; to pretend to have or like


n.: a rising or climbing; a climb; a way leading up; a slope - ASCEND to go or move up; to mount


v.: to throw or fling; to throw off; to shed; to let fall; to turn or direct; to chose actors for a play; to shape a substance such as metal by pouring into a mold; a throw or way of throwing; something formed in a mold; a stiff plaster support for a broken bone; the actors in a play; a slight coloring; a tinge


v.: to praise or approve; n.: a polite or respectful act; a flattering remark - COMPLIMENTS - polite greetings


v.: to talk in a foolish or childish way; to let saliva drip from the mouth; n.: foolish talk; nonsense


n.: a tired feeling; weariness v.: to tire out


adj.: foolish or silly


v. to pass over quickly or carelessly; to pronounce in an unclear way; to speak badly of; to insult; n.: an unclearly pronounced sound in speech; an insulting or damaging remark


v.: to tell or give as proof, especially in court; to give evidence; to be or to give as a sign of; to indicate - TESTIMONY - n.: evidence

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