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Gustar with pronoun chart


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I like
A mí me gusta(n)
You like (familiar)
A ti te gusta(n)
You like (formal)
A usted le gusta(n)
He likes
A él le gusta(n)
She likes
A ella le gusta(n)
We like
A nosotros nos gusta(n)
You (pl.)/Y'all like
A ustedes les gusta(n)
They (masc.) like
A ellos les gusta(n)
They (fem.) like
A ellas les gusta(n)
(Any other singular noun) likes
A (noun) le gusta(n)
(Any singular noun and I) like
A (noun) y a mí nos gusta(n)
(Any other plural noun) like
A (noun) les gusta(n)