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Confirmation quiz 3

What kind of sin is it to receive Holy Communion in the state of mortal sin?
The sin of sacrilege.
What is sacrilege?
It is the abuse of a sacred person, place or thing.
If you are in a state of mortal sin, what should you do before receiving Holy Communion?
You should go to confession first.
Who offered the first Mass?
Jesus Christ.
When did Jesus offer the first Mass?
The Last Supper. (On Holy Thursday night, the night before He died,)
The Mass is a sacrifice, What sacrifice it?
the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross.
Is it a mortal sin for you to miss Mass on Sunday or a Holy Day through your own fault?
On what day did Jesus die on the cross?
Good Friday
On what day did Jesus rise from the dead?
Easter Sunday. (The 3rd day)
When did Jesus ascend into heaven?
On Ascension Thursday, forty days after Easter.
What did Jesus establish to make sure the Gospel is given to all nations?
His Church
How many churches did Jesus start?
What is the name of the church that Jesus started?
The Catholic Church
When did the Holy Spirit descent upon the Apostles?
On Pentecost Sunday (fifty days after Easter, Pentagon = 5 side, Pentecost =50 days)
Why do we believe that the Catholic Church is the one true Church?
Jesus started it. (It's the only one he started)
Does it matter to which Church you belong?
Yes. The catholic Church is the only one true church. (Protestant churches are missing many things that help us get to heaven,for example confession)
Did Jesus give special authority to some of the Apostles?
Yes, Peter was the first Pope and the Apostles where the 1st Bishops
Who was the first pope?
St. Peter
What is the official teaching voice of the Church
The Magistarium. (The Pope in union with the Bishops)
Who is the vicar of Christ on earth?
The pope.
Which Person of the Holy Trinity do you receive in Confirmation?
The Holy Spirit (You also get Him in baptism)
Is the Holy Spirit God?