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Confirmation Quiz 5 (Bible Names)

Adam / Eve
1) One of First Parents 2) Commited the original Sin 3) Got Kicked out of the Garden of Eden
1) killed his brother able (1st Murder)
1) Saved by God in the Arc. 2) Only righteous man on Earth at the time 3) Put 2 of every animal on the arc
1) Our Father in Faith. 2) God made a covenant that his children would be as many as the stars in the sky. 3) God asked him to Sacrificed his son Isaac
1) wife of Abraham 2) Did not have Isaac till she was 91
1) son of Abraham
1) Son of Isaac and Grandson of Abraham. 2) Had 12 sons 3) Also called Israel
Joseph (1500 Bc)
1) Favorite son of Jacob with fancy coat 2) was sold into slavery by his brothers
1) Lead God's People out of slavery in Egypt 2) God gave him the 10 commandments 3) Led Israel to the promised land
1) Brought Israel into the promised land (Moses just died) 2) Assistant to Moses
1) Really strong with long hair. 2) Delilah tricked him into cutting his hair and was captured
Saul (1000 BC)
1) 1st King of Israel 2) Tried to kill David because he was Jealous of him.
1) Famous King of Israel ruled for 40 years 2) Killed the giant Goliath with a sling 3) Wrote most of the psalms and brought the ark into Jerusalem
1) Son of King David who became king 2) King who built the Temple 3) was the wisest person on earth.
1) Prophet who was eaten by a whale
1) Prophet who was taken up into heaven on a chariot of fire
1) Worked in the court of Nebuchadnezzar in Babylon 2) Survived the lion's den
Saul / Paul
1) Apostle to the Gentiles 2) God knocked him down and blinded him.
1) cousin of Mary 2) Mother of John the Baptist
John the Baptist
1) Cousin of Jesus 2) ***** camel's hair and ate locus (big grasshoppers)
Herod the great
1) tried to kill Jesus as a baby
Judas Iscariot
1) Turned Jesus over to the Romans then killed himself
1) leader of the 12 apostles 2) the 1st Pope
Pontius Pilate
1) Roman in charge when Jesus was killed