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Masaccio's Payment of the Tribute Money (c.1427), fresco
Giotto, Baroncelli Coronation of the Virgin c.1320-30
Lorenzo Monaco, Annunciation, central panel of San Procolo triptych c.1410-15
Masaccio, Madonna and Child, 1426, altarpiece for the Carmelites of Pisa
Masaccio, Crucifixion from the Pisa Altarpiece, 1426, altarpiece for the Carmelites of Pisa
Masaccio, Sts Jerome & John from the S.Maria Maggiore Altarpiece c.1428 (London N.G.)
Masolino, St.Peter Healing a Cripple and Raising Tabitha
Masolino, Feast of Herod, fresco 1435, Castiglione d'Olona, Baptistery
Masaccio, Crucifixion of St.Peter, predella of Pisa Altarpiece.
Masaccio, St.Peter healing with his shadow
Masaccio, Holy Trinity, 1425-28, fresco, Santa Maria Novella, Florence
Gentile da Fabriano, Strozzi Adoration altarpiece 1423. For the sacristy of S.Trinità (now Uffizi).
Gentile da Fabriano, Presentation in the Temple, predella of the Strozzi Adoration altarpiece, tempera on wood, 1423, Louvre, Paris
Fra Angelico , Annunciation (c.1430-2, Madrid, Prado)
The Sacra Conversazione: Fra Angelico, S.Marco Altarpiece 1438-40
Fra Filippo Lippi, Barbadori Altarpiece (1439-40, Paris, Louvre)
Fra Filippo Lippi, Tarquinia Madonna (1437, Rome, Galleria nazionale d'arte antica)
Uccello, The Flood (1424). Florence, S.Maria Novella, chiostro verde, fresco
Uccello, St George and the Dragon (c.1456, London, NG), oil on canvas
Uccello, The Rout of San Romano (c.1450-56; London, NG)
Domenico Veneziano (c.1410-1461), Annunciation, predella panel (Cambridge, Ftizwilliam Museum) from the St Lucy Altarpiece, tempera on wood
Domenico Veneziano, St Lucy Altarpiece (1445-7)
Piero della Francesca , Brera Altarpiece (1472-4)
Piero della Francesca, Madonna della Misericordia (1445-62, Sansepolcro, Pinacoteca communale)
Piero, Resurrection (fresco, c. 1460, Sansepolcro, Museo civico), mural in fresco and tempera
Piero della Francesca, Flagellation of Christ c.1460 (Urbino, Galleria nazionale delle Marche), oil and tempera on panel

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