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  1. Son
  2. es pésimo/a
  3. los libros de aventuras
  4. ?Qué te gusta?
  5. ?Te gustan?
  1. a Do you like (more than one thing)?
  2. b It is awful
  3. c They are like...
  4. d adventure books
  5. e What do you like?

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  1. ice cream
  2. It's all the same to me
  3. italian food
  4. because
  5. You like (informal)

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  1. Me gusta(n)He/she likes


  2. los videojuegossports


  3. es bastante malo/aIt is quite bad


  4. ?Te gusta (n) mas ___o____?Do you like (more than one thing)?


  5. los deportesanimals