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Anatomy Final 1

Anatomy final review. Questions and answers to ones i don't know
Carbon Dioxide
Of the items listed, which is not required for the maintenance of life?
Visceral pluera
The membrane on the surface of a lung is called the
sagittal section
A section that separates the body into right and left portions would be a
Epigastric region
The upper midportion of the abdomen is called the
The thoracic cavity lies where in relationship to the abdominopelvic cavity?
Negative feedback
A mechanism functioning to maintain a stable internal environment is most likely to involve
responsiveness-ability of an organism to sense changes taking place inside or outside its body and to react to these changes
Which of the following characteristics of life and their descriptions are correct?
lines cavities, covers organs
A parietal membrane ________, whereas a visceral membrane _________.
The parietal pericardium is attached to the surface of the heart.
Kidneys are part of the lymphatic system.
The elbow is distal to the wrist.
The parietal pleura is an example of a visceral membrane.
Which term refers to the back?
Which of the following pairs is correctly matched?
Which type of section divides the body into right and left portions?
Which type of section divides the body into anterior and posterior portions?
Visceral refers to
Parietal peritoneum
Which of the following refers to the membrane lining the abdominal cavity wall?
the cardiovascular system
Transportation within the body is mainly part of
Which system is the spinal cord part of
Epithelial and connective tissue
A basement membrane occurs between
Simple Squamos epithelium
The tissue through which gases are exchanged between the blood and the air in the lungs is
The tissue that forms the inner lining of the respiratory passages is
A carcinoma is a cancer originating from
About 90% of all cancers originate from
Fibrous connective tissue
Tendons and ligaments are composed primarily of
Bone cells are arranged in concentric circles around longitudinal tubes called
Serous membranes
Membranes lining body cavities that lack openings to the outside are called
Of the four major types of membranes, the one consisting of fibrous connective tissue overlying loose connective tissue is
Both a and b
Smooth muscle is found in the wall of the
Skeletal Muscle cells
Which of the following cell types are least likely to reproduce?
A skeletal muscle fiber contains many nuclei.
Simple Columnar
Most organs of the digestive system have an inner lining composed of the tissue called
The most common cells found in connective tissues are called
Cartilage cells occupy small chambers called
The intervertebral disks that separate the individual parts of the backbone are composed of __________.
Extracellular Matrix
The intercellular material that separates connective tissue cells is called
intercalated disk
The band that occurs where two cardiac muscle cells join together is called a(an) ______________.
neuroglial cell
A nerve cell can also be called a(an) __________. ________________________________________
They die
As cells are pushed from the deeper portion of the epidermis toward the surface
In a condition called incontinentia pigmenti, the skin has deep dark splotches, due to melanin that seeps down into the dermis. Normally, melanin is confined to the
Stratum Basale
The layer of the epidermis that includes melanocytes and a single row of columnar cells that undergo mitosis is the
areolar and adipose tissue
The subcutaneous layer of skin consists of
Vitamin D
Skin cells play an important role in producing
composed of stratified squamous epithelial tissue; composed of connective tissue, smooth muscle, and nerve cell processes
Epidermis is ________________, whereas dermis is ________________.
not part of the skin
The subcutaneous layer is
Stratum Lucidum
In areas of the skin where the epidermis is thin, the ________ may be absent.
Accessory structures of the skin originate from the
Specialized epithelial cells
The nail plate is produced by
Nail bed and nail plate
A nail consists of a
Dead epidermal cells
Shafts of hair are composed of
a mixture of pigmented and unpigmented hairs
Gray hair is
fat globules that mix with cellular debris, forming sebum.
Sebaceous glands secrete
respond primarily to elevated body temperature
Eccrine sweat glands