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  1. Balanced Reading
  2. Closed syllable
  3. Consonant Blends
  4. A child's ability to indicate how many words are found within a sentences that is dictated to them involves:
  5. Open syllable
  1. a A syllable ending with a long-vowel sound spelled with one vowel letter (cv, ccv)
  2. b is a reading program which includes phonemic awareness, decoding, fluency, calling on prior knowledge, vocabulary-building, comprehension and motivation
  3. c A syllable ending in one or more consonants and having a short-vowel sound spelled with one vowel letter (vc, cvc, ccvc, cvcc)
  4. d word awareness
  5. e Two or three consonants that appear together ina word, with each retaining sound when blended (fl, gr, sp, mp)

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  1. means visual media other than printed material (movies, photos, symbols)
  2. is a written, typed, or printed version of a piece of prose or poetry
  3. 1. Develop Phonemic Awareness
    2. Introduce Sound/Spelling
    3. Blend Words
    4. Build automatic word recognition
    5. Apply decodable text
    6. Word work for decoding and encoding
  4. concepts about print
  5. is reading "text in such a way as to question assumptions, explore perspectives, and critique underlying social and political values or stances."

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  1. When a child can break up the letters in words into their particular sounds, he/she is demonstrating the ability to:segment


  2. Variant vowel digraphsSounds that are not commonly classified as long or short vowels (aw, au, oo)


  3. Settinga complex development challenge that we know to intertwined with many other developmental accomplishments: attention, memory, language, and motivation, for example: reading is not only a cognitive psycholinguistic activity but also a social activity


  4. Independent Level95-100% accuracy


  5. Letter sound correspondencemeans recognizing the corresponding sound of a specific letter when that letter is seen or heard.