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  1. Closed syllable
  2. Scaffolding
  3. Long vowels with a silent e:
  4. Paired Reading
  5. Types of Phonemic Awareness Activities: Segmentation Activities
  1. a Children slowly pronounce a word, identifying all its sounds.
  2. b long vowels say their name (a_e, e_e, i_e)
  3. c is the support and guidance provided by an adult that helps a student function on a higher level; students develop new cognitive abilities when a teacher leads them through task oriented interactions
  4. d A syllable ending in one or more consonants and having a short-vowel sound spelled with one vowel letter (vc, cvc, ccvc, cvcc)
  5. e means partners reading aloud to each other for the purpose of practicing, sharing, developing fluency, communicating information, or modeling oral reading technique

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  1. consists of addressing words through games, rhymes, tongue twisters; any method that increases student' awareness of the meaning and value of individual words
  2. Sometimes a child will use a substitution because they don't understand the word being read. Does the substitution makes sense in the passage, it is a logical substitution?
  3. Dividing the words into its separate sounds
  4. is the awareness and knowledge of one's mental processes such that one can monitor, regulate, and direct them a desired end; self mediation; thoughts about thinking
  5. means visual media other than printed material (movies, photos, symbols)

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  1. Instructional LevelLess than 90% accuracy


  2. Settingthe general locale, historical times, or social circumstances in which the action occurs


  3. Syntactic CuesEvidence from the general sense or meaning of a written or spoken communication that aids in the identification or an unknown word


  4. Syllabicationthe rising action in a narrative piece


  5. Climaxthe rising action in a narrative piece