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  1. The initial consonant or consonant clusters that begin most syllables are called:
  2. Analytic Phonics
  3. Repetition
  4. Independent Level
  5. Directionality and tracking of print are two assessments found in testing:
  1. a In this approach, instruction begins with the identification of a familiar word. The teacher then introduces a particular sound/spelling relationship within that familiar word
  2. b onsets
  3. c Lots of repetition may mean that the test level is too difficult. Sometimes readers repeat when they're uncertain and will repeat the words to make sense of the passage.
  4. d 95-100% accuracy
  5. e concepts about print

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  1. A syllable ending with a long-vowel sound spelled with one vowel letter (cv, ccv)
  2. Personalize reading assessments to identify the needs of individual students
  3. is the smallest unit of sound
  4. Watch for altered meaning. Many reversals happen with young readers with high frequency words ("of" for "for")
  5. In phonology, a minimal unit of sequential speech sounds comprised of a vowel sound or vowel-consonant combination

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  1. Types of Phonemic Awareness Activities: sound isolation activitesChildren play the "What am I thinking of?" guessing game. The teacher identifies several characteristics of an object and then pronounces its name, articulating each of the sounds separately. Then children blend the sounds together and identify the word using both the phonological and semantic information that the teacher provided.


  2. Scaffoldinga complex development challenge that we know to intertwined with many other developmental accomplishments: attention, memory, language, and motivation, for example: reading is not only a cognitive psycholinguistic activity but also a social activity


  3. Rimes that share the same spelling make up word families. These rimes are called:phonograms


  4. Word playconsists of addressing words through games, rhymes, tongue twisters; any method that increases student' awareness of the meaning and value of individual words


  5. Two or more consonant together that keep their particular sounds such as those found at the beginning of the words climb and straight are called:onsets