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  1. Analogy Phonics
  2. Analytic Phonics
  3. The written representation of sounds are called:
  4. Phoneme
  5. In a word containing an r-controlled vowel, such as shark, far, apart, the vowel sound is:
  1. a neither long nor short
  2. b In this approach students learn how to use a phonogram or rime, in a familiar word to identify an unfamiliar word with the same rime.
  3. c is the smallest unit of sound
  4. d In this approach, instruction begins with the identification of a familiar word. The teacher then introduces a particular sound/spelling relationship within that familiar word
  5. e Graphemes

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  1. is the support and guidance provided by an adult that helps a student function on a higher level; students develop new cognitive abilities when a teacher leads them through task oriented interactions
  2. Teachers create matching games using familiar objects. From a collection of objects and pictures, children choose the two that begin with the same sound. Or children choose one of several items beginning with a particular sound. Children also identify rhyming words. They name a word that rhymes with a given word and identify rhyming words from familiar songs and stories.
  3. rime
  4. combining sounds represented by letters to pronounce a word
  5. Children slowly pronounce a word, identifying all its sounds.

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  1. Variant vowel digraphsTwo consonant letters that together stand for a single sound (sh, th, wh)


  2. Key components of research based reading/literacy instruction:read smoothly and accurately


  3. General sequence for Teaching Phonics Elementsa process in which we construct meaning from print. Any of the subprocesses, such as word identification or comprehension, that are involved in the act of reading.


  4. Readingthe general locale, historical times, or social circumstances in which the action occurs


  5. SchwaThe vowel sound sometimes heard in an unstressed syllable