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  1. Schwa
  2. R-controlled syllable
  3. Metacognition
  4. Reading process
  5. Open syllable
  1. a is the awareness and knowledge of one's mental processes such that one can monitor, regulate, and direct them a desired end; self mediation; thoughts about thinking
  2. b A syllable containing a letter combination made up of a vowel followed by the letter r. The vowel-r combination is one welded sound that cannot be segmented (such as ar, er, ir, or, and ur)
  3. c A syllable ending with a long-vowel sound spelled with one vowel letter (cv, ccv)
  4. d a process in which we construct meaning from print. Any of the subprocesses, such as word identification or comprehension, that are involved in the act of reading.
  5. e The vowel sound sometimes heard in an unstressed syllable

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  1. Phoneme
  2. means recognizing the corresponding sound of a specific letter when that letter is seen or heard.
  3. Dividing the words into its separate sounds
  4. Sounds that are not commonly classified as long or short vowels (aw, au, oo)
  5. Children slowly pronounce a word, identifying all its sounds.

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  1. Morphemea meaningful linguistic unit that cannot be divided into smaller meaningful elements


  2. When a child is able to hear the sounds that make up a word, such as identifying the initial consonant sound in the word put, that child has:Phonemic Awareness


  3. Word Familiesa meaningful linguistic unit that cannot be divided into smaller meaningful elements


  4. Reading fluency refers to a student's ability to:read smoothly and accurately


  5. The use of repetitive, rhyming texts for kindergarten read-alouds is likely to promote the reading development of kindergarten students primarily by:synthetic instruction