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  1. Types of Phonemic Awareness Activities: sound isolation activites
  2. Grapheme
  3. In general the best strategy for helping beginning readers to identify function words such as: to, the, and of would be to
  4. Reflection
  5. R-controlled Vowels
  1. a the written or printed representation of a phoneme
  2. b teach such words as sight vocabulary
  3. c Children identify the sounds at the beginning, middle, or end of the word, or teacher can set out a tray of objects and ask children to choose the one object that doesn't belong because it doesn't begin with the sound.
  4. d The process or result of seriously thinking over one's experiences, especially those valued; introspection
  5. e The letter r affects the sound of the vowel(s) that precedes it (er, ir, ur, ar, or)

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  1. syllable
  2. Children slowly pronounce a word, identifying all its sounds.
  3. a process in which we construct meaning from print. Any of the subprocesses, such as word identification or comprehension, that are involved in the act of reading.
  4. is a written, typed, or printed version of a piece of prose or poetry
  5. onsets

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  1. ReversalWatch for altered meaning. Many reversals happen with young readers with high frequency words ("of" for "for")


  2. Schwathe rising action in a narrative piece


  3. Consonant-le syllableA final separate syllable containing a consonant followed by the letters le


  4. Phonicsthe association of speech sounds with printed symbols


  5. The part of a word that makes up the vowel and the final consonants within a syllable is called:Phoneme