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  1. Word play
  2. Blending
  3. If a teacher asks the child to locate the rime in the word test, the child would be correct if he/she responded:
  4. Rime
  5. In the early stages of developing word identifications such as: the, of, when, because, and and are considered:
  1. a sight words
  2. b est
  3. c combining sounds represented by letters to pronounce a word
  4. d consists of addressing words through games, rhymes, tongue twisters; any method that increases student' awareness of the meaning and value of individual words
  5. e A Vowel and any following consonants of a syllable

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  1. a sight word
  2. Children play the "What am I thinking of?" guessing game. The teacher identifies several characteristics of an object and then pronounces its name, articulating each of the sounds separately. Then children blend the sounds together and identify the word using both the phonological and semantic information that the teacher provided.
  3. narratives or scenes that represent events that already happened
  4. Evidence from the general sense or meaning of a written or spoken communication that aids in the identification or an unknown word
  5. Dividing the words into its separate sounds

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  1. The smallest unit of meaning that may be a word, prefix, or suffix is a:Phoneme


  2. Reading processa process in which we construct meaning from print. Any of the subprocesses, such as word identification or comprehension, that are involved in the act of reading.


  3. Clusteringis grouping information to help children remember it better, a form of brainstorming


  4. Expository Writingrefers to a precise, factual, informational writing style


  5. In a word containing an r-controlled vowel, such as shark, far, apart, the vowel sound is:Consonant blends