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  1. Reading fluency refers to a student's ability to:
  2. Character
  3. Paired Writing
  4. Long vowels occur:
  5. In general the best strategy for helping beginning readers to identify function words such as: to, the, and of would be to
  1. a persons presented in a dramatic or narrative work
  2. b at the end of an open syllable
  3. c Refers to two students collaborating to create one piece of writing
  4. d read smoothly and accurately
  5. e teach such words as sight vocabulary

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  1. the ability to differentiate sounds
    the ability to instruct based on sound symbol relationships
  2. a sight word
  3. uses actual literacy tasks for the purpose of determining student performance, as opposed to relying solely on the traditional forms of testing
  4. The language cuing systems that a reader uses and the reading strategies that they employ
  5. concepts about print

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  1. Explicit Phonics Lesson Sequence1. Develop Phonemic Awareness
    2. Introduce Sound/Spelling
    3. Blend Words
    4. Build automatic word recognition
    5. Apply decodable text
    6. Word work for decoding and encoding


  2. Compared with standardized reading assessments, one important advantage of informal reading assessments is that they allow the teacher to:concepts about print


  3. Consonant DigraphsTwo consonant letters that together stand for a single sound (sh, th, wh)


  4. Consonant-le syllableA syllable containing a letter combination made up of a vowel followed by the letter r. The vowel-r combination is one welded sound that cannot be segmented (such as ar, er, ir, or, and ur)


  5. Accuracyability to sound out the word and knowing the words meaning (number or words read correctly)