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  1. Compared with standardized reading assessments, one important advantage of informal reading assessments is that they allow the teacher to:
  2. Reading process
  3. Balanced Reading
  4. Rimes that share the same spelling make up word families. These rimes are called:
  5. Word Walls
  1. a phonograms
  2. b a process in which we construct meaning from print. Any of the subprocesses, such as word identification or comprehension, that are involved in the act of reading.
  3. c Personalize reading assessments to identify the needs of individual students
  4. d consists of words posted on classroom walls as a means of immersing students in language, students add new words as they come in contact with them.
  5. e is a reading program which includes phonemic awareness, decoding, fluency, calling on prior knowledge, vocabulary-building, comprehension and motivation

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  1. is reading "text in such a way as to question assumptions, explore perspectives, and critique underlying social and political values or stances."
  2. The mid-central vowel in an unaccented or unstressed syllable
  3. is all reading that not individual; this can include paired reading, read-alouds, literacy circles, small groups, and choral reading
  4. Children slowly pronounce a word, identifying all its sounds.
  5. combining sounds represented by letters to pronounce a word

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  1. Two or more consonant letters that combine to make one sound such as those found in the words church and what are called:onsets


  2. Figurative Languagethe departure from what speakers mean from the standard meaning of words (ex. similes and metaphors)


  3. SyllabicationThe division of words into syllables


  4. Authentic AssessmentIn this systematic and explicit approach, students learn to transform letters and letter combinations into sounds and then the sounds together to form recognizable words.


  5. PhonemeThe quality or feeling conveyed by the work that pervades a work


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