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  1. Using the knowledge of the relationship between letters and sounds and blending them together when decoding is using:
  2. General sequence for Teaching Phonics Elements
  3. When a teacher teaches phonics by taking sounds and blending them together into words, she is teaching phonics through:
  4. Setting
  5. Vowel combination syllable
  1. a synthetic instruction
  2. b A syllable with a short-vowel, long-vowel, or dipthong sound spelled with a vowel combination (such as ai, ea, ee, oi, or oo. cvvc, ccvvc, cvvcc)
  3. c Phonics
  4. d the general locale, historical times, or social circumstances in which the action occurs
  5. e 1. Single Consonants and show vowels
    2. Consonant Digraphs
    3. Long Vowels with silent e (CVCe pattern)
    4. Long vowels at the end of words or syllables
    5. y as a vowel
    6. r-controlled vowels
    7. silent consonants
    8. vowel digraphs
    9. variant vowel digraphs or dipthongs

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  1. Phoneme
  2. refers to a precise, factual, informational writing style
  3. synthetic instruction
  4. In phonology, a minimal unit of sequential speech sounds comprised of a vowel sound or vowel-consonant combination
  5. Two consonant letters may represent the sound of only one of them. The other consonant is "silent" (gn, kn, wr)

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  1. If a teacher asks the child to locate the rime in the word test, the child would be correct if he/she responded:segment


  2. In a word containing an r-controlled vowel, such as shark, far, apart, the vowel sound is:neither long nor short


  3. R-controlled VowelsThe letter r affects the sound of the vowel(s) that precedes it (er, ir, ur, ar, or)


  4. Consonant-le syllableA syllable with a long-vowel sound spelled with one vowel letter followed by one consonant and a silent e (VCe, CVCe, CCVCe)


  5. Compared with standardized reading assessments, one important advantage of informal reading assessments is that they allow the teacher to:sight words