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  1. Imagery
  2. Types of Phonemic Awareness Activities: Sound blending activities
  3. Close Syllable
  4. Cause and Effect
  5. Tone
  1. a a stated or implied association between an outcome and the conditions which brought it about, often an organizing principle in narrative or expository text
  2. b The quality or feeling conveyed by the work that pervades a work
  3. c Children play the "What am I thinking of?" guessing game. The teacher identifies several characteristics of an object and then pronounces its name, articulating each of the sounds separately. Then children blend the sounds together and identify the word using both the phonological and semantic information that the teacher provided.
  4. d Mental pictures created as one reads or one of figurative language
  5. e syllable ends in one or more consonants

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  1. The consonant preceding the vowel of a syllable
  2. A blend of vowel sounds in one syllable (oi, oy, ow, ou)
  3. fostering their phonemic awareness
  4. Two consonant letters that together stand for a single sound (sh, th, wh)
  5. A syllable with a long-vowel sound spelled with one vowel letter followed by one consonant and a silent e (VCe, CVCe, CCVCe)

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  1. PhonicsThe quality or feeling conveyed by the work that pervades a work


  2. In a word containing an r-controlled vowel, such as shark, far, apart, the vowel sound is:morphemic analysis


  3. Word Wallsconsists of addressing words through games, rhymes, tongue twisters; any method that increases student' awareness of the meaning and value of individual words


  4. Miscue Analysis allows you to comment on:The language cuing systems that a reader uses and the reading strategies that they employ


  5. ReversalWatch for altered meaning. Many reversals happen with young readers with high frequency words ("of" for "for")


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