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  1. In the early stages of developing word identifications such as: the, of, when, because, and and are considered:
  2. Historical Fiction
  3. Phonics
  4. Experience stories
  5. Print Text
  1. a is a written, typed, or printed version of a piece of prose or poetry
  2. b the association of speech sounds with printed symbols
  3. c sight words
  4. d are teacher-directed stories written by the teacher and the students to reflect a group experience
  5. e Fiction that not only takes its setting and some characters from history, but makes the historical issues important to the central narrative

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  1. Dividing the words into its separate sounds
  2. In this approach, instruction begins with the identification of a familiar word. The teacher then introduces a particular sound/spelling relationship within that familiar word
  3. In this approach, phonics instruction is embedded in the context of "authentic" reading and writing experiences. Phonic elements are introduced informally when the teacher sense that students need to know them.
  4. is reading "text in such a way as to question assumptions, explore perspectives, and critique underlying social and political values or stances."
  5. the tension created by the antagonist and the protagonist

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  1. Climaxthe rising action in a narrative piece


  2. Vowel combination syllableA syllable with a short-vowel, long-vowel, or dipthong sound spelled with a vowel combination (such as ai, ea, ee, oi, or oo. cvvc, ccvvc, cvvcc)


  3. Cause and Effectsyllable ends in one or more consonants


  4. Open SyllableSyllable which ends in a vowel sound rather than a consonant


  5. Foreshadowingcombining sounds represented by letters to pronounce a word