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  1. Explicit Phonics Lesson Sequence
  2. Shared Reading
  3. Character
  4. Print Text
  5. Visual Messages
  1. a is all reading that not individual; this can include paired reading, read-alouds, literacy circles, small groups, and choral reading
  2. b persons presented in a dramatic or narrative work
  3. c is a written, typed, or printed version of a piece of prose or poetry
  4. d 1. Develop Phonemic Awareness
    2. Introduce Sound/Spelling
    3. Blend Words
    4. Build automatic word recognition
    5. Apply decodable text
    6. Word work for decoding and encoding
  5. e refers to non-print texts (cartoons, posters, pictures)

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  1. neither long nor short
  2. morpheme
  3. segment
  4. Phonics
  5. means visual media other than printed material (movies, photos, symbols)

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  1. Automaticityfluent processing of information that requires little effort or attention, as sight-word recognition


  2. Semantic CuesDividing the words into its separate sounds


  3. Types of Phonemic Awareness Activities: Segmentation ActivitiesChildren slowly pronounce a word, identifying all its sounds.


  4. Analytic PhonicsIn this approach, instruction begins with the identification of a familiar word. The teacher then introduces a particular sound/spelling relationship within that familiar word


  5. Scaffoldingis the support and guidance provided by an adult that helps a student function on a higher level; students develop new cognitive abilities when a teacher leads them through task oriented interactions