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  1. The smallest unit of meaning that may be a word, prefix, or suffix is a:
  2. Two or more consonant together that keep their particular sounds such as those found at the beginning of the words climb and straight are called:
  3. A word attack skill that examines prefixes, roots, and suffixes is called:
  4. A child's ability to indicate how many words are found within a sentences that is dictated to them involves:
  5. Conflict
  1. a morphemic analysis
  2. b the tension created by the antagonist and the protagonist
  3. c morpheme
  4. d word awareness
  5. e Consonant blends

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  1. are teacher-directed stories written by the teacher and the students to reflect a group experience
  2. segment
  3. The division of words into syllables
  4. syllable ends in one or more consonants
  5. 1. Knowledge-recognizing or recalling literal information
    2. Comprehension-constructing meaning from the text
    3. Application-applying text content to a new situation
    4. Analysis-breaking down ideas into their parts to show how they are related
    5. Synthesis-combining different ideas to create an original work
    6. Evaluation-judging value or effectiveness, based on some criteria or standards

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  1. ReadingA Vowel and any following consonants of a syllable


  2. MetacognitionThe division of words into syllables


  3. Open SyllableA syllable containing a letter combination made up of a vowel followed by the letter r. The vowel-r combination is one welded sound that cannot be segmented (such as ar, er, ir, or, and ur)


  4. Embedded Phonicsis meaning which cannot be cited from the text but which may be drawn from the reading; reading between the lines


  5. Types of Phonemic Awareness Activities: sound isolation activitesChildren identify the sounds at the beginning, middle, or end of the word, or teacher can set out a tray of objects and ask children to choose the one object that doesn't belong because it doesn't begin with the sound.


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