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PBIS: Vehicles In Motion Vocab Learning Sets 1.1 - 1.4


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goals that must be completed to successfully achieve a challenge
factors that limit how you solve the problem
to move without being continuously pushed or pulled
the frame and wheels of a vehicle
round shafts that connect the opposing wheels of a car
structures that help parts move freely
a change in the position of an object over time
a measure of how fast an object is traveling
a push or pull
Propulsion Force
a push or pull that causes objects to move
the force of attractions between objects
Qualitative Data
information describing the qualities of objects observed but not measured.
Quantitative Data
information based on measurements or counting
Reference Point
an object or location with which the position of a second object is compared over time to determine if the second object is moving.
Frame of Reference
the view from which you judge the motion of another object
a change of direction or course
To change direction or force
a specific value or values that can serve as a basis for comparison
a repetition that attempts to improve on a process or product
to perform repetitions to improve on or process or product
Average Speed
The overall rate of speed at which an object moves; calculated by dividing the total distance an object travels by the total time.
Imaginary line running down the middle and used as a reference point
Performance Testing
a formal process of testing and measuring, quality ensures competitive advantage; 1 change at a time is made to the model, recorded, and repeated, and evaluated to determine if it meets the design criteria
a force that opposes motion
a change over time in the speed, the direction, or speed and direction, of motion
Negative Acceleration
occurs when the speed over time decreases
Independent Variable
The variable that is varied or manipulated by the researcher.
Dependent Variable
The outcome factor; the variable that may change in response to manipulations of the independent variable.
A variable in an experiment that the researcher deliberately does not change
Example of a Constant
keeping the chassis the same for all trials
Example of a Dependent Variable
Data collected such as veer, distance, time
Example of a Independent Variable
changed the types of wheels
Example of a Negative Acceleration
hit the brake and the car slowed down
Example of a Positive Acceleration
hit the gas and the truck went faster
Example of a Friction
Example of a Performance Test
3 trials you ran
Example of a Frame of Reference
standing on a train platform
Example of a Reference Point
you are here star on a map
Example of a Qualitative Data
veered to right
Example of a Quantitative Data
33 cm
Example of Propulsion Force
springs in wind up toys
Example of a Force
Example of a Criteria
the car needed to go straight
Example of a Constraint
Could only use the materials I provided to create your car