EDM 5th Unit 7


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one of the two number lines used to form a coordinate grid--the plural is axes
a number that is raised to a power--the base in 5³ is 5
expanded notation
a way of writing a number as the sum of the values of each digit (356 = 300 + 50 + 6)
exponential notation
a way of representing repeated multiplication by the same factor (5³ = 5 x 5 x 5)
a small raised number used in exponential notation to tell how many times the base is used as a factor--in 5³ the exponent is 3
a mathematics phrase made up of numbers, variables, and/or operation symbols (9x-2)--does NOT contain relation symbols like =, >, and <
a positive or negative whole number with no fractional part
order of operations
rules that tell the order in which operations in expressions should be carried out--remember Parenthese,Exponents, Multiply or Divide, Add or Subtract (PEMDAS)
power of 10
a number that can be written in the form 10ª where a is a counting number (10³ = 1,000)
scientific notation
a system for representing numbers in which a number is written as the product of a power of 10 and a number that is at least 1 and less than 10
standard notation
the most common way of representing whole numbers, integers, and decimals (example: 2,356 )
( ) whatever is inside must be evaluated (solved) first