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Nouns and Pronouns


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Singular Noun
Names one person place or thing (boy)
Names more than one person, place, or thing (boys)
Shows ownership (boy's)
Concrete Noun
Names something that can be recognized by one of the five senses (book)
Abstract Noun
Names an idea , quality, or characteristic (anger)
Common Noun
Names a general person, place, or thing (library)
Proper noun
Names a specific person, place, or thing (always capitalized)
(Ali Library)
Collective Noun
Names a group (team)
Compound Personal Pronoun
Used to show emphasis. Formed by adding -self or -selves to certain personal pronoun (herself)
Interrogative Pronouns
Used to ask questions. Who, whose, whom ,what, which
Demonstrative Pronouns
Used to point things out. This, that. These, those
Relative Pronouns
Used to relate one idea to another. Who, whose, whom, which, that
Indefinite Pronouns
Do not refer to a specific person or thing. (Singular, another) (plural, both)