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airplane flight best illustrates

bernoullis principal

the amount of gravititional force that acts on the space shuttle while in orbit is

almost as much as the shuttles weight on the earths surface

as a high altitude balloon sinks lower and lower into the atmosphere it undergoes a decrese in


atmospheric molecules do not fly off into outer space because of

earth gravitaition

the best time for digging clams(when the low tide is extra low) is during the time of

new or full moon

buoyant force is greatest in a submerged
1 cubic cm block of lead
1 cubic cm block of aluminum

its about the same

compared to the atoms that make up the bpdy of an elderly person, the atoms that make up the body of a newborn baby are

the same age

a compleatly submerged object always dispaces its own

volume of fluid

doubling the linear size of an object multiplies its area by

4 and its volume by 8

the faster a fluid moves the

less its internal pressure

A heavy glass ball is placed in a pie pan that floats in a bucket. The water level at the side of the bucket is marked. Then the glass ball is removed and allowed to sink in the bucket. The water line at the side of the bucket is now?


if one neutron is removed from an ordinary helium nucleous the result is

a lighter isotope of helium

if the mass of one planets is halved, and distance between them is halved, then the force inbetween them is

twice as much

in an electrically neutral atom the number of protons in the nucleous is balanced by an equal number of

orbital electrons


take the shape of their container

little space can be left between columns supporting a stone slab otherwise the slab will

crack from the bottom up because stone is wear under tension and strong under compression

a metal block has a mass of 40g and a volume of 8 cubic centimeters a block of another kind of metal with a volume of 6 cubic centimeters is twice as dense as the first block. the mass of the second block is

60 grams

newton discovered

that gravity is universal

the pressure of the water at the bottom of the jug does NOT depend on

surface area of the water

an unstretched hanging spring is 50 cm long. suspending a 100n weight from it makes its weight 60 cm adding an additional 200n weight will make the springs length?

80 cm

the weight of a 1 square meter column of air that extends from sea level to the top of the atmosphere is about

1000000N or 11 tons

the weight of matter comes mostly from its

protons and neutrons

which is most responsible for the ocean tides

the moon

which of the following substances has a crystalline structure


which of these statements is true?
a.molecules are made up of 100 distinct chemical elements
b.atoms are not the smallest particles that exist
c.molecules are the smallest subdivision of matter that still retains chemical properties of a compound

all of the above

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