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Christ sends Holy Spirit ten days after Ascension
St. Paul's teacher in Jewish law
4 marks of the Church
One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic
St. Stephen
First "Apostle" Martyred
Definition of apostle
"one who is sent"
Cornerstone of the Church
Jesus Christ
Rock of the Church
St. Peter
2 components of the history of the Church
Christ's constant presence, and how it interfaces with human history
Prophets who first recognized Christ
Anna and Simeon
Massacre of the first martyrs for the Christian faith
Slaughter of the Innocents
Inaugeral event of Christ's public ministry
Baptism in the Jordan
New Law is based on
mercy and love
Result of Pentecost
Apostles preached with great authority and power, and were given gift of tongues.
Groundwork for the Church
Covenant between God and Jewish people
Successors of the Apostles
The Bishops
Role of early deacons
care for material needs of the Church
First witnesses of Christ's life, message, Resurrection; pillars of the Church
City Paul was traveling to when he met Christ
helped Paul regain sight, faith.
Held to decide whether Gentiles should observe Jewish law as well as Church law
Council of Jerusalem
Advantages of infant baptism
Original sin is removed, child can receive God's grace, parents committed to raising child as Catholic
Early Masses celebrated in...
private homes/catacombs
Refers to Divine authority given by Christ to the Pope to govern the Church
"Vicar of Christ"
Authentic interpreter of Sacred Scripture
Church, with guidance of Holy Spirit
Value of episcopacy
Bishops entrusted with sacremental work, as well as sheparding and guardianship of Christ's flock.
How was money held in early Christian community?
In common with one another
Sts. Linus and Ana Cletus were both
former slaves
Definition of martyrs
Christianity is referred to as "The Way" in:
Acts 9:2 and 19:9
Nero set fire to Rome to
seize property and build a big palace
Hadrian's Rescript
Christians are only tried for actual crimes
Trajan's Rescript
Anonymous denunciations of Christians not accepted
Septimus Severus threatened
Judaism and Christianity
Definition of ad metalla
to the metal mines
Two most famous female victims of Septimus Severus
Sts. Perpetua and Felicity
St. Irenaeus
Important leader in Gaul
Edict of Milan (313)
Declared Christianity legal
Pope has power to
start, change, end Ecumenical Councils.
Gnostics held firmly to a form of
Church Fathers' characteristics
Orthodoxy, holiness, notoriety, antiquity, and approved by the Church.
Hypostatic Union (451)
description of two natures of Jesus Christ (human and divine)
absolute truth, must be accepted.
Tolle et lege
"Take and read"