Lecture 12

They are the main components of the collective unconscious?
They are predispostions to develope universal images and to enact universal behaviour?
Ancient myths, legends, art, customs, fantasy, dreams and universal symbols were seen as evidence for archetypes?
Collective Unconscious
It is a storehouse of archaic remnants from humanknd's evolutionary past which is our inherited racial memory, and the deepest and most inaccessible layer of the psyche?
Human Motivators
Thay are unconscious forces such s internal urges, images about unity, death, androgyny, wisdom, innocence, aggression, and sex?
It is the hidden feminine side of a man?
It is the hidden masculine side of a woman?
It is the embodiment of unacceptable, animalistic desires and impulses also considered the " Dark Half" of personality?
The socially acceptable mask or front the person presents to the world?
It involves the full development of all aspects of personality, conscious and unconscious, and their ultimate integration
He believes we all begin to move away from a passionate view of the world and begin more self exploration at age 40?
Were seen as symbols of the striving for balance in personality, as expression of universal myths, and anticipations of life problems for the future?
Identifying archetypal themes and universal myths is the hallmark of his "Dream Analyses"?
Appreciated the way in which human lives assume the form of a story?
Believed that sibling position and rivalry in the family are a major theme of his personality theory?
His theory of personality is more straightforward, emphazing conscious thought and social learning?
His prime motive is "Will to Power"?
He believed that early experiences and trauma are not in and of themselves the determinants of our personality?
Narrative Mode
The way we interpret personal experience in terms of stories?
His research has shown that life-storytelling can have positive effects on coping and mental health?
Northrop Frye
He believed in "Mythic Archetypes" which there exists 4 fundamental story forms which reflect 4 stages of human existence and the 4 seasons?
Lawrence Elsbree
He believes there are 5 basic plots in stories each reflecting a fundamental human striving; establishing a home, fighting a battle, taking a journey, ebdurig suffering, and pursuing consmmation or completion?
Alasdair MacIntyre
He believed in moral virtues which showed that the "good" in human life must be understood in te context of narrative and what a person contributes to the completion of their own life story?
Jean-Paul Sartre
He believed in true novels which ideally are a persons own true novel sould reflect a central truth or dilemma about their historical epoch?
Life Story Schema
It is a mental structure or pattern for putting one's life into story form for making a narrative identity out of our life?
Self-Defining Memories
They are events that a person believes have been influential in shaping who they are?
He believes that life narratives consist of stability, progression, and regressive?
Redemption Sequences
They are in life stories are relatd to greater life-satisfaction, higher self-esteem, geater life coherence, and non-depressed mood?
Does the story make sense on its own terms?
Grounded in real world and not grossly distorted?
They are life stories that are rich, deep, and complex?
They are stories with some resolution of conflicting forces, some harmony and integrity of the self?
Generative Integration
A life story that benefits society as well as the individual?
49 Up
A documentary that followed 14 people from age 7 to 49 while interviewing them every 7 years?