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  1. Mesopotamia
  2. hieroglyphics
  3. cultural diffusion
  4. dynastic cycle
  5. pharaoh
  1. a the spreading, mixing, and changing of cultures
  2. b land between rivers
  3. c a king of ancient Egypt, considered a god as well as a political and military leader
  4. d describes the pattern of the rise, decline, and replacement of dynasties
  5. e a system of writing using symbols or pictures

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  1. a group of states or territories controlled by one ruler
  2. a series of rulers from the same family
  3. a city with political and economic control over the surrounding countryside
  4. system in which poor people are legally bound to work for wealthy landowners
  5. a fertile region in southwestern Asia that includes the region of Mesopotamia

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  1. deltaa fertile deposit of windblown soil


  2. Mandate of Heavendivine right to rule


  3. theocracygovernment by divine power or priests


  4. Harappan civilizationthe preservation of the dead


  5. oracle bonebone used by priests in Shang China to predict the future