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Grammar Week 1


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Ask a question.
Endmark (?)
Example: How many inches did it rain yesterday?
Tell something.
Endmark (.)
Example: The bunny ate all the carrots.
Exclamatory Sentences
Show strong feeling such as surprise, excitement, anger, or concern. (Complete sentence)
Endmark (!)
Example: This roller coaster is the fastest in the world!
Strong Interjection
A word or phrase that expresses strong emotion.
Endmark (!)
Example: Wow!
A word that names a person, place, thing, or idea.
Person: Kim, farmer
Thing: gate, shoe
Place: park, Safeway
Idea: patience, honor
Concrete Noun
Name things that can be touched or seen.
Abstract Noun
Name something you can think about but cannot touch or see. Also called idea nouns.
Example: courage, freedom

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