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relgion vocab from study packet Ms. Bacilla gave us


the house of worship of God


the period in the history of Israel between the destruction of Jerusalem in 587bc and the return to Jerrusalem in 537bc


a gift of God that helps us to believe in him


God's communication of himself to us through the words and deeds used throughout history to show us the mystery of his plan for our salvation


an attraction, from outsude or inside us, that can lead us to disobey God's commands


the attitude of strength and unity that leads us to the sharing of spiritual and material needs


the mystery of the existence of God in three Persons, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit


an approach to philosophy developed by Rene Descamtes


believing that what the Bible says is factually true


a prayer in the form of a poem, written to be sung in public worship

St. Paul

one of the early disciples of the Church who went on missionary journeys throughout his life


the movement for unity among Christians


a religion based on the teachings of Siddharta Gautama, "The Enlightened One"


the Son of God, Jesus, being born as a full human being in order to save us

Ecumenical Council

a gathering of Catholic bishops from around the world meeting under the leadership of the pope or his delegates


pope who called the Second Vatican Council


the declaration by word or example of the Good News


to ask something on behalf of another


the state of final cleansing after death of all our human inperfections to prepare us to enter into the joy of heaven

Last Judgement

the final judgement of all human beings that will occur when Jesus appears and all will tell of what they did in life


an act with the intent to cause the death or a sick, dying, or handicapped person

What are some of the reasons God the Fatherr sent Jesus?

because he loved us and wanted us to be able to live with him, and to save us from our sins

What is prayer?

the raising of our hearts and minds to God

How do we understand the relationship between science and religion?

wee understand that both are gifts from God and tht we can use science to explain HOW things happen and religion to explain WHY things happen

How does interreligious dialogue help our relationship with God and others?

it can help us to relate with others and understand each other. Rescpect comes with understanding

Know what Athanasius taught about Mary...


What is a missionary called to do?

they are called to share the Good News with people through their words and actions

What are some of the ways the Church describes who Jesus is?

We describe Jesus as being both God and Man, as well as being a teacher and prophet

How do we as Christians understand HOPE?

we understand hope as being the confidence that God will always be with us, and make us happy, and help us to live so that wee can be with him forever

What are some reasons Jesus died on hte cross?

He died on the cross because he loved us and so he could do his Father's will, also so that when WE die, we can go to heaven because he made it so wee can be forgiven for our sins

What did St. Therese of Lisieux teach us about following Jesus?

she taught that even a small act of kindness, if done with a cheerful heart will be rewarded by God



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