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Grammar: Week 2


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Common Nouns
Name people, places, and things are NOT capitalized.
-Example: cereal, state, month
Proper Nouns
Name specific people, places, and things ARE capitalized.
-Example: Cheerios, Ohio, April
Do NOT capitalize
-Example: winter, spring, summer, fall
Compass directions
-Example: north, south, east, west
Names of relatives if you use a possessive pronoun with their names
-Example: my mom, our mother, his grandma
-Example: Mary, Mom, Brent
Names of relatives when they are used instead of their names in a sentence
-Example: We took Grandma some chocolate candy.
the purpose of this writing is to describe some topic.
-focuses on one thing and its components
-describes appearance, function, or importance
-includes features, characteristics, and examples
the purpose of this writing is to describe a series of events or explain a procedure.
-includes events in chronological order
-explains steps to do or make something
-describes a cycle
the purpose of this writing is to explain differences and similarities between two or more things.
-includes facts, details, characteristics, and examples
-differentiates types within a group or parts of a whole
the purpose of this writing is to explain why something happens.
-includes what happened: the effect
-explains why it happened: the cause
the purpose of this writing is to tell about a problem and present one or more possible solutions.
-describes the problem and what is causing the problem
-explains why it is a problem
-includes actions that have attempted to solve the problem
-presents one or more possible solutions and their pros/cons