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Grammar: Week 4


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Action Verbs
Words that show action, physical or mental
-Example: Eva [booted] the ball into the goal. (physical)
Eva [planned] her moves. (mental)
Linking Verb
Link the subject with another part of the sentence.
-Example: Luke [seemed] nervous.
Helping Verb
Add more information to the main verb.
-Example: Carol [could have] washed windows today.
Verb Phrase
Includes the helping verb plus the main verb.
-Example: Carol [might wash] windows today.
Test: Action Verb VS Linking Verb
Substitute am, is, are, was, or were for the verb. If it still makes sense, it is a linking verb.
-Example: The potatoes [taste] salty.
The potatoes [are] salty.
*It is a linking verb because it makes sense.
-Example: Fran [wanted] dessert.
Fran [was] dessert.
*It is an action verb because it does NOT make sense.