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181-210 holy. don't tell nobody, but mrs. selvin skipped numbers 201-209. she goes from 200-210. score. that makes up for all the extra words she adds in the margins

the helmet (doesn't start with c)

le heaume

a helmet (doesn't start with h)

un casque

heavy, thick

dru (e, s)

to shut (was this in the packet? cause i couldn't find this def anywhere in my dictionary. i got "to fold down")

se rabattre

a sap

une sève

to braid

tresser en nattes

a rag

un lambeau


craquelé (e, s)

to soften




a scar

une cicatrice

a groove (furrow)

un sillon

the folds in skin (g)

les bourrelets (m)

curdled, clotted

caillé (e, s)

the shield

le bouclier

a spear

une lance

the pastures (g)

les pâturages (m)

the groin (g)

l'aine (f)


empesé (e, s)



a female gardener

une jardinière

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