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  1. In The Scarlet Letter, why was Hester Prynne required to wear a scarlet "A" on her dress?
    A) Sociologically, this served as a negative sanction and an example of shaming.
    B) Psychologically, it provided her the opportunity to face what she had become.
    C) It was a ╩║badge of honor╩║ that many other women wished they could achieve.
    D) It indicated she was at the head of her class in what she had done.
  2. There are New York Yankee fans in every state in America, throughout Canada, and in nations all over the world. Sociologically, which concept best describes these fans?
    A) They are an aggregate.
    B) They are a category.
    C) They are a group.
    D) They are a social group.
  3. In any group of three members, two of the three may have a tendency to alienate the third member and dominate the decision making for the group the trio represents. When this occurs, what term
    best applies to the two unified members?
    A) a coalition
    B) an oligarchy
    C) an aggregate
    D) an aristocracy
  4. A(n) ________ leadership style has the tendency to encourage either aggressive or apathetic behavior among group members with aggressive members growing increasingly hostile towards their leader.
    A) authoritarian
    B) expressive
    C) laissez-faire
    D) democratic
  5. Max Weber's prediction that ________ would come to dominate social life has withstood the test of time more than any other prediction in sociology.
    A) religions
    B) corporations
    C) bureaucracies
    D) enterprises
  1. a bureaucracies
  2. b they are a social group
  3. c sociologically, this served as a negative sanction and an example of shaming
  4. d a coalition
  5. e authoritarian

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  1. rapport
  2. Edwin Sutherland
  3. correlation; temporal priority; lack of spurious correlation
  4. they are jobs with little power and minimal authority
  5. a small work team in the design department has decided to fire one of the members of its department

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  1. In her study of 47 corporations, what was the relationship that Rosabeth Moss Kanter discovered between the flexibility of a corporation and corporate profit?
    A) Kanter discovered that the relationship was direct, showing that greater flexibility increases profits.
    B) Kanter discovered a spurious relationship existed between the two variables.
    C) Kanter discovered that the relationship was indirect, indicating flexibility created duplication and waste.
    D) Kanter discovered a null relationship existed between the two variables.
    all members of the group can interact directly with one another


  2. How groups influence individuals and how individuals affect groups is referred to as ________.
    A) the Hawthorne Effect
    B) small group phenomenon
    C) social solidarity
    D) group dynamics
    it often leads to findings that lack generalizability


  3. Sociologists who view law as an instrument of oppression used to control workers are aligned most with which sociological perspective?
    A) the symbolic interactionist perspective
    B) the conflict perspective
    C) the structuralist perspective
    D) the functionalist perspective
    the conflict perspective


  4. In an effort to resist the label of "deviant," most people will develop rationales to justify their
    deviant acts. Sykes and Matza refer to these rationales as ________.
    A) techniques of neutralization
    B) ideologies
    C) strategies of justification
    D) labeling
    primary group


  5. Which phrase best describes primary groups as Charles Cooley envisioned them?
    A) the blessing of friendship
    B) the cornerstone of self-development
    C) the miracle of society
    D) the springs of life
    groups tend to develop a more formal social structure