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  1. Matthew and Ryan are devout Christian Fundamentalists and believe that homosexuality is
    against God's will and that homosexuals deserve to be punished. They spend a couple evenings each week in gay bashing activities that include physical violence and verbal assaults. Based on
    their rationalization, which technique of neutralization is most applicable for Matthew and Ryan to maintain positive self-images?
    A) denial of injury
    B) denial of a victim
    C) condemn the condemner
    D) denial of responsibility
  2. In her study of 47 corporations, what was the relationship that Rosabeth Moss Kanter discovered between the flexibility of a corporation and corporate profit?
    A) Kanter discovered that the relationship was direct, showing that greater flexibility increases profits.
    B) Kanter discovered a spurious relationship existed between the two variables.
    C) Kanter discovered that the relationship was indirect, indicating flexibility created duplication and waste.
    D) Kanter discovered a null relationship existed between the two variables.
  3. John desires the best things in life: a fast car, designer clothes, and membership in exclusive clubs. But rather than work his way through the system, he has discovered he can have all these things by selling crack cocaine in the inner city. How would Merton classify John?
    A) a conformist
    B) an innovator
    C) a rebel
    D) a ritualist
  4. A leader of a group whose responsibility would be to keep the group moving towards its goal is classified as a(n) ________ leader.
    A) expressive
    B) democratic
    C) instrumental
    D) authoritarian
  5. A common thread that runs through all voluntary associations is ________.
    A) mutual interest among members
    B) an effort to maintain social order
    C) the purpose of the association
    D) the size of the group
  1. a mutual interest among members
  2. b Kanter discovered that the relationship was direct, showing that greater flexibility increases profits
  3. c an innovator
  4. d instrumental
  5. e denial of a victim

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  1. the iron law of oligarchy
  2. bureaucracies
  3. more research is needed to provide a definitive answer on the comparison of profits between employee-owned and traditionally owned companies
  4. rapport
  5. out-groups

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  1. As voluntary organizations, what do the College Young Democrats, Kiwanis Club, Uptown Stamp
    Collectors' Club, and National Rifle Association all have in common?
    A) They all offer people an identity.
    B) They all bring people into the political mainstream.
    C) They are all primary groups.
    D) They all generate social change.
    they all offer people an identity


  2. ________ are the social ties that radiate outward from the self and link people together.
    A) Cyber socializations
    B) Secondary societies
    C) Electronic communities
    D) Social networks
    social networks


  3. When criticizing Milgram's experiment on small group phenomenon, Kleinfeld made the analogy that "we live in a world that looks a lot like ________."
    A) a tossed salad
    B) an ice cream sundae
    C) a pan of baked lasagna
    D) a bowl of clumpy oatmeal
    starters; targets


  4. Jane, Mark, Courtney, and Kelly are enrolled in the 8:00 a.m. sociology course at their college.
    After studying together for the first test, they started sitting together in class and chose to work together on group projects. During spring break, they decided to go on a trip as a group. These four students would be considered members of a(n) ________.
    A) secondary group
    B) reference group
    C) clique
    D) aggregate
    inner circle


  5. Which of the following is the best example of worker empowerment?
    A) A small work team in the design department has decided to fire one of the members of its department.
    B) The CEO has just opened a corporate-run daycare center for the employees to use free of charge.
    C) The union president has called a wildcat strike because of unsafe working conditions.
    D) The workers' union has just negotiated the most lucrative contract in the company's history.
    a small work team in the design department has decided to fire one of the members of its department


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