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8.3 Segregation and Discrimination

Chapter 8-Life at the Turn of the 20th Century, Unit 3-Segregation and Discrimination

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Ida B. Wells
african american born into slavery who moved to Memphis to work as a teacher. She later became an editor of a local paper and wrote about racial justice. March 9, 1892 her 3 friends were lynched, which she wrote about in the Crusade for Justice
illegal execution without trial
literacy test
test administered to test reading, if failed couldn't vote
poll tax
annual tax that had to be paid before qualifying to vote
grandfather clause
stated that even if a man failed the literacy test or could not afford the poll tax, he was still entitled to vote if he, his father, or his grandfather had been eligible to vote before January 1, 1867
separation of white and black people in public and private facilities
Jim Crow laws
another name for the segregation laws named after an old minstrel song
Plessy v. Ferguson
U.S. Supreme Court Case that tested the contitutionality of segregation. Court ruled that the separation of races in public accommodations was legal and didn't violate the 14th amendment. Established "separate but equal" doctrine which allowed states to maintian segregated facilities
"separate but equal"
doctrine which allowed states to maintain segregated facilities
racial etiquette
informal rules and customs related to discrimination
Booker T. Washington
argued for a gradual approach to racial equalit-suggested that they must work their way up from the bottom
W. E. B. Du Bois
denounced Washington's views. Demanded full social and economic equality for African Americans, declaring that "persistent manly agitation is the way to liberty." Also, founded the Niagara Movement and wrote The Crisis
Niagra Movement
founded by Du Bois which became the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
group founded by Du Bois that fights for racial equality, still around today
The Crisis
NAACP's journal. "We refuse to surrender, leadership, to cowards and trucklers. We are men:we will be treated as men."-Du Bois
New York City race riot of 1920
young black man killed white policeman because he thought the man mistreated his wife. Lead to whites retaliationg by atacking blacks
National Reclamation Act(1902)
gave government assistance for irrigation projects
debt peonage
system that bound laborers into slavery in order to work off a debt to the employer