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Domain III: Information Technology

Includes an equal part of paper and electronically produced documents
Which of the following is not a description of a hybrid health record?
Version control is unnecessary.
Which of the following is not a true statement about a hybrid health record system?
Tasks that need to be performed in a specific sequence
Incorporating a workflow function in an electronic information system would help support:
To run an analysis on a large set of data from many patients, the best tool is a(n):
Use mirrored processing on redundant servers
Which of the following would be the best course of action to take to ensure continuous availability of electronic data?
Medication dosage
Which of the following would be considered discrete data?
Electronic document management system
Which of the following technologies would allow a hospital to get as much medical record information online as quickly as possible?
Clinical data repository
Which of the following technologies would be best for a hospital to use to manage data from its laboratory, pharmacy, and radiology information systems?
Which of the following encourages patients to take an active role in collecting and storing their health information?
Controlled vocabulary
Which of the following is necessary to ensure that each term used in an EHR has a common meaning to all users?
Ensures that appropriate data are collected
Why does an ideal EHR system include point-of-care template charting?
Electronic document management system
Which of the following is a transition strategy to achieve an EHR?
Pharmacy information system
To ensure that a computerized provider order entry (CPOE) system supports patient safety, what other system must also be in place?
Electronic prescribing is a special case of:
Before contracting for an EHR product
As part of an EHR system selection, due diligence should be done:
Which of the following tasks is not performed in an electronic health record system?
Which form of wireless technology uses infrared light waves to beam data between devices in close proximity to one another?
Implementation plan
A step-by-step approach to installing, testing, training, and gaining adoption for an EHR is referred to as:
Paying for performance programs
How are health plans incentivizing providers to use EHRs?
Electronic point-of-care charting
Electronic systems used by nurses and physicians to document assessments and findings are called:
Hybrid record
A medical record that is part electronic and part paper is called a(n):
A SNF wanting to collect MDS assessments in a database and transmit them in a standard CMS format would use which of the following data entry software?
Data represent basic facts, while information represents meaning.
What is the difference between data and information?
Meaning of data
Data definition refers to:
Structure and content
Information standards that provide clear descriptors of data elements to be included in computer-based patient record systems are called __________ standards.
Computer software programs that assist in the assignment of codes used with diagnostic and procedural classifications are called:
Laboratory data are successfully transmitted back and forth from Community Hospital to three local physician clinics. This successful transmission is dependent on which of the following standards?
Harmonization of standards from multiple sources
Since many private and public standards groups promulgate health informatics standards, the Office of the National Coordinator of Health Information Technology has been given responsibility for:
As a health information professional, you've become involved in developing an HIE in your region. The agency that would provide the best resources for HIE development is:
A special Web page that offers secure access to data is a(n):
Standards from which organization would be used for enabling exchange of clinical images?
Which of the following vocabularies is likely to be used to describe drugs in clinically relevant form?
When some computers are used primarily to enter data and others to process data, the architecture is called:
Set of technologies, standards, applications, systems, values, and laws
Which of the following best describes the national health information infrastructure proposed by the National Committee on Vital and Health Statistics?
Most healthcare informatics standards have been developed by:
In order to effectively transmit healthcare data between a provider and payer, both parties must adhere to which electronic data interchange standards?
The exchange of digitized images such as x-rays, CT scans, and MRIs is supported by:
Print out all documents and maintain these as a general practice
In attempting to control the patient safety issues associated with hybrid medical records, which of the following would be the best practice for a healthcare facility to do?
Reduction of errors
How will hospitals benefit most from an EHR?
Unit testing
Which form of system testing ensures that each data element is captured correctly?
Data conversion
Which of the following describes the step during implementation when data from an old system are able to be incorporated into the new system?
Data quality
Which of the following best describes accurate and timely data entry?
Data back up
Which of the following is not an element of data quality?
Clinical professionals who provide direct patient care
Who are the primary users of the health record for delivery of healthcare services?
To take advantage of TDS, data should be entered by providers into an EHR via:
Natural language processing
Which of the following types of electronic data entry applies sophisticated mathematical and probabilistic formulas to narrative text and converts them to structured data?
Use radio buttons to select multiple items from a set of options.
Which of the following is not true of good electronic forms design?
Clinical forms committee
What committee usually oversees the development and approval of new forms for the health record?
Identity matching algorithm
The key for linking data about an individual who is seen in a variety of care settings is:
Patient registration department
The first point of data collection and the area where the health record number is most commonly assigned in an acute care hospital is the:
Serial numbering system
In which of the following systems does an individual receive a unique numerical identifier for each encounter with a healthcare facility?
Delinquent records
Incomplete records that are not completed by the physician within the time frame specified in the healthcare facility's policies and procedures are called:
EHR project manager
Which of the following individuals is responsible for ensuring that the steps in an EHR implementation are performed and coordinated among the various organization teams, committees, and vendor staff?
Provides familiar format
Which of the following is not a weakness of a paper-based health record?
Electronic record
Which type of health record is designed to measure clinical outcomes, collect data at the point of care, and provide medical alerts?
CDR supports management of data for an EHR.
Which statement is true concerning CDR and EHR?
The primary user of computerized provider order entry is:
Help manage work tasks
One of the advantages of an EDMS is that it can:
Clinical laboratory system
Which of the following is an example of an ancillary system in an EHR?
Which of the following computer architectures uses a single large computer to process data received from terminals into which data are entered?
A transition technology used by many hospitals to increase access to medical record content is:
Dual core
When a hospital develops its EHR system by selecting one vendor to provide financial and administrative applications and another vendor to supply the clinical applications, this is commonly referred to as a __________ strategy.
Best of breed
When a hospital develops its electronic health record system by selecting multiple vendors to supply all of its applications including financial, administrative, and clinical applications, this is commonly referred to as a strategy.
Converting data from a paper chart to electronic form
Chart conversion includes:
Uses microfilm to store images
Which of the following is not true about document imaging?
Social Security number
Which of the following should not be used as a patient identifier in an electronic environment?
Added to the health record after it has been processed by the HIM department
"Loose" reports are health record forms that are:
Incomplete record
In a paper-based system, the completion of the chart is monitored in a special area of the HIM department called the __________ file.
Terminal digit
Consider the following sequence of numbers. What filing system is being used if these numbers represent the health record numbers of three records filed together within the filing system? 36-45-99 / 37-45-99 / 38-45-99
The MPI is necessary to physically locate health records within the paper-based storage system for all types of filing systems, except:
25 hours per day
The RHIT supervisor for the filing and retrieval section of Community Clinic is developing a staffing schedule for the year. The clinic is open 260 days per year and has an average of 600 clinic visits per day. The standard for filing records is 60 records per hour. The standard for retrieval of records is 40 records per hour. Given these standards, how many filing hours will be required daily to retrieve and file records for each clinic day?
Unit numbering system
In which of the following systems are all encounters or patient visits filed or linked together?
Uneven expansion of file shelves or cabinets
Which of the following is a disadvantage of alphabetic filing?
Which of the following is a request from a clinical area to check out a health record?
File the record alphabetically by the last name, followed by alphabetical order of the first name, and then alphabetical order of the middle initial.
Which of the following statements describes alphabetical filing?
Which of the following tools is usually used to track paper-based health records that have been removed from their permanent storage locations?
Terminal digit
Which of the following filing methods is considered the most efficient?
Which of the following features of the filing folder helps best to locate misfiles within the paper-based filing system?
Transaction processing system
What type of information system would be used for processing patient admissions, employee time cards, and purchase orders?
Data warehouse
A healthcare enterprise wants to analyze data from multiple computer systems across the organization to determine trends in patient care services. Which of the following would best consolidate data for this purpose?
The first phase of the SDLC is the _________ phase.
Enterprise-wide system
A system that manages data for an entire healthcare business is referred to as a(n):
Transmitters, receivers, media, and data
What basic components make up every electronic network communications system?
Patient accounting
The first computer systems used in healthcare were used primarily to perform payroll and __________ functions.
Exchange data from any system within the organization
The concept of systems interoperability refers to the healthcare organization's ability to:
Bidding for the contract
The RFP generally includes a detailed description of the system's requirements and provides guidelines for vendors to follow in:
Direct cutover
The most common approaches to converting from an old information system to a new one are the parallel approach, the phased approach, and the __________ approach.
Clinical information system
Which of the following systems is designed primarily to support patient care by providing healthcare professionals access to timely, complete, and relevant information for patient care purposes?
Laboratory information system
Which of the following information systems is used for collecting, verifying, and reporting test results?
Clinical decision support system
Which of the following information systems is used to assist healthcare providers in the actual diagnosis and treatment of patients?
Financial information system
Which of the following information systems is considered an administrative information system?
In which phase of the systems development life cycle is the primary focus on examining the current system and problems in order to identify opportunities for improvement or enhancement of the system?
In which phase of the systems development life cycle are trial runs of the new system conducted, backup and disaster recover procedures developed, and training of end users conducted?
Business and strategic issues
What is the main focus of the system planning phase of the systems development life cycle?
Which of the following is considered a consumer-centric informatics application?
A computer station that engages patients in healthcare organization's services
Which of the following best describes the function of kiosks?
A medication being ordered is contraindicated due to a patient allergy. The physician is notified. This is an example of a(n):
Historical data used for strategic decision support
Which of the following best describes a data warehouse?
Which of the following systems supports the creation, organization, and dissemination of business expertise throughout the organization?
Management information system
Which of the following systems would the HIM department director use to receive daily reports on the number of new admissions to, and discharges from, the hospital?
Which of the following is a snapshot in time and consolidates data from multiple sources to enhance decision making?
Expert system
Which of the following uses artificial intelligence techniques to capture the knowledge of human experts and to translate and store it in a knowledge base?
Relational database
Which of the following stores data in predefined tables consisting of rows and columns?
Which of the following allows a user to insert, update, delete, and query data from a database?
Primary key
Which of the following uniquely identifies each record in a database table?
Store and retrieve data
What is the purpose of computer databases?
Data model
Which of the following is a technique for graphically depicting the structure of a computer database?
Natural language
Which of the following is a fifth-generation programming language that uses human
language to allow users to speak to computers in a more conversational way?
Which of the following is the term used to describe voice and data communication?
Which of the following connects computers together in a way that allows for the sharing of information and resources?
Which of the following is a network that connects computers in a relatively small area, such as a room or a building?
Which of the following connects computer devices together across a large geographical area?
Which of the following enable computers on a network to communicate with each other?
Allow healthcare providers to readily access information about a patient's healthcare at any point in time
The primary purpose of the Continuity of Care Record (CCR) is to:
Server computer
In a network environment, a database shared among several end-user workstations would be stored on a:
Which of the following is a type of computer network specifically designed to allow direct communication between the networks of separate companies?
Which of the following enables sharing resources such as printers or disk space across a computer network?
Which of the following is the basic communication protocol of the Internet?
Online medical supply purchasing
Which of the following best describes B2B e-commerce in a healthcare environment?
Application service provider
Companies that deliver, manage, and remotely host systems, such as an EMR or patient registration software via a network through an outsourcing contract are known as a(n):
Which of the following protocols is used to transfer and display information in the form of Web pages on browsers?
Which of the following is a family of standards that aid the exchange of data among hospital systems and physician practices?
Which of the following translate digital data into analog data so that data can be transmitted over telephone lines and received by a remote computer?
The data type should be changed to Character
The following descriptors about the data element PATIENT_LAST_NAME are included in a data dictionary: definition: legal surname of the patient; data type: numeric; field length: 50; required field: yes; default value: none; input mask: none. Which of the following is true about the definition of this data element?
Actual patient data
Systems testing of a new information system should be conducted using:
The coding supervisor wants a daily report of health records that need to be coded. Which of the following systems would be best in meeting the supervisor's needs?
Stress testing
The type of testing of a new electronic information system that ensures that the system can adequately handle a large number of users or transactions is:
A clinic wants to purchase a new healthcare information system. Who is responsible for preparing the RFP to gather information about the functionality of the new system?
Foreign keys
'Which of the following are used to associate relationships between entities (tables) in a relational database?
Validation rules for values in a field
In an EMR database, which of the following would be considered an integrity constraint?
Data mining
Which of the following is a process that identifies patterns and relationships by searching through large amounts of data?
Which of the following types of network topologies has the least chance of failure for bringing down the entire computer network?
Which of the following would be used as an Internet standard for e-mail transmission across Internet protocol (IP) networks?
for profit entity
Which of the following is not a usual HIE organizational model?
For at least 5 years
In the absence of state or federal law, AHIMA's retention standards recommend that diagnostic images such as x-rays be maintained:
For at least 10 years after the most recent encounter
In the absence of state or federal law, AHIMA's retention standards recommend that the health records of adults be maintained:
Security awareness program
Which of the following is not an automatic application control that helps preserve data confidentiality and integrity in an electronic system?
Access to information
Within the context of data security, protecting data privacy means defending or safeguarding:
Data security
The protection measures and tools for safeguarding information and information systems is a definition of:
Physical control
Placing locks on computer room doors is considered what type of security control?
General rules
The __________ provide(s) the objective and scope for the HIPAA Security rule as a whole.
The covered entity must conduct a risk assessment to determine if the specification is appropriate to its environment.
For HIPAA security implementation specifications that are addressable, which of the following statements is true?
Computer shutdowns caused by intentional or unintentional events
The primary reason that healthcare organizations develop business continuity plans is to minimize the effects of:
Identify security threats
A risk analysis is useful to:
Physical access controls
Which of the following are security safeguards that protect equipment, media, and facilities?
Establish a contingency plan
Which of the following must covered entities do in order to comply with HIPAA security provisions?
Data must be encrypted when deemed appropriate from the results of a risk assessment.
Which of the following statements is true regarding HIPAA standards for encryption?
A written contingency plan
Which of the following is required by HIPAA standards?
Application controls
Which of the following are security controls built into a computer software program?
Network controls
Which of the following are designed to prevent damage caused by computer hackers using the Internet?
Administrative safeguards
Which of the following are policies and procedures required by HIPAA that address the management of computer resources and security?
The mechanisms for safeguarding information and information systems
Which of the following best describes information security?
Data integrity
In the context of data security, which of the following terms means that data should be complete, accurate, and consistent?
What is the biggest threat to the security of healthcare data?
Identifying which data employees should have a right to use
What does the term access control mean?
Business continuity plan
Which of the following is an organization's planned response to protect its information in the case of a natural disaster?
Once a year
To ensure relevancy, an organization's security policies and procedures be reviewed at least:
Audit trail
Which of the following is a software program that tracks every access to data in the computer system?
Fully digital EHR system
A clinic is evaluating options for an EHR system. The selection committee wants a system that provides simultaneous access to the record by different providers and administrative services employees. It also wants the system to perform various types of data analyses on discrete data. The system must electronically store forms and information so paper storage is completely eliminated. Which of the following would be the best fit for the requirements the committee wants?
Implement a document scanning system for the paper records and interface data created in the current EHR with the document scanning system
A hospital is concerned about the difficulty in retrieving health records for patient care and legal purposes. Some of its data are stored electronically while the remainder are stored on paper. The hospital knows it will be several years before it will be able to implement an entire EHR system and go paperless. Given this information, which of the following would be the best solution for the hospital to ensure that all of the data for a patient are retrieved when needed?
A system whereby documents are scanned by a document imaging system and then integrated and indexed into the existing EHR
Which of the following hybrid models comes closest to a total EHR system?
Shading of bars or lines that contain text
Which of the following should be avoided when designing forms for an EDMS?
24 lb. weight paper for double-sided forms
Which of the following is recommended for design of forms for an EDMS?
Implement session terminations
A hospital is planning on allowing coding professionals to work at home. The hospital is in the process of identifying strategies to minimize the security risks associated with this practice. Which of the following would be best to ensure that workstations are not left unattended at home offices?
User name, password, and security question
A home health agency plans to implement a computer system that permits nursing documentation on a laptop computer taken to the patient's home. The agency is in the process of identifying strategies to minimize the risks associated with the practice. With regard to access to data on the laptop, which of the following would be best for securing data?
Ask the security officer for audit trail data to confirm or disprove the suspicion
The HIM supervisor suspects that a departmental employee is using the Internet for personal business but has no specific data to support this suspicion. In this case, what should the supervisor do?
Scan all documents at the time of patient discharge
A HIM department is researching various options for scanning the hospital's health records. The department director would like to achieve efficiencies through scanning such as performing coding and cancer registry functions remotely. Given these considerations, which of the following would be the best scanning process?
Document name, media type, source system, electronic storage start date, stop printing start date
Which of the following data sets would be most useful in developing a grid for identification of components of the legal health record in a hybrid record environment?
Expense budget
What component of the departmental budget would include the expense of purchasing new reference books for clinical coding staff?
Which of the following is capable of providing video, audio, computer, and imaging system connectivity for virtual teamwork?
Determination of the quickest solution
Which of the following is not a step in quality improvement decision-making?
Be dedicated to achieving the organizational vision
During times of change, it is important for the supervisor to:
Strategic planning
Environmental assessments are performed as part of which of the following processes?
Inform, guide, and inspire
Organization mission and vision statements are meant to:
Vision statement
Which of the following is a description of what the organization would like to be in the future?
Is a realistic expression of what the organization does
An organization's mission statement:
Position description
A summary of the job position, a list of duties, and the qualifications required to perform the job are all elements of a(n):
Outline the work that an individual does
What is the purpose of position descriptions?
Conflict management
Constructive confrontation is one form of:
The organizational structure affects the way its employees interact with each other
One unchanging principle of organizational behavior is that:
On the job training
Which of the following provides direct, realistic training in the specific tasks required by the job position?
Values statement
Which of the following describes the type of behavior the organization wants to encourage among its employees?
Monitoring everyday performance
Supervisory managers are primarily responsible for:
A coding supervisor who makes up the weekly work schedule would engage in what type of planning?
Interdisciplinary and cross-functional cooperation and teamwork
Modern management theory favors:
Communicate performance expectations
Performance standards are used to:
360 degree evaluation
Which of the following would the supervisor and peers contribute to an individual's performance evaluation?
Set productivity standards for the area and review results on a regular basis
A supervisor wants to determine if the release of information staff are working at optimal output. Which of the following would be most useful to determine this?