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Communication - Chapter 5

Essentials of Human Communication DeVito 7th Edition
After dating for ten years, Christopher and Lauren were forced to spend the summer apart from one another. At the airport, Christopher turned to Lauren and said, "I will always love you" and began to cry. This event best illustrates which use of nonverbal communication?

A) complementation
B) repetition
C) substitution
D) paralanguage
A) complementation (p.93)
Steven is a very quiet person who would prefer to utilize nothing but his nonverbal behaviors to communicate with others, if that were possible. He limits his verbal communication and often simply shakes his head "yes" and "no" when people ask him questions. Which of the following methods is Steven using to eliminate the use of verbal communication?

A) contradict
B) repeat
C) substitute
D) accent
C) substitute (p.94)
During a long conversation, you noticed that you were running late for an upcoming class. To stop the conversation you pointed to your watch and said, "I need to get going or I'll be late." Which of the following uses is your nonverbal behavior serving in this situation?

A) deceiving
B) repeating
C) regulating
D) paralinguistic
B) repeating (p.94)
Robert is talking quickly and excitedly, barely taking a breath. As he goes on and on, Sarina holds up her hand to indicate "STOP." Sarina's nonverbal gesture is an example of a(n)

A) regulator.
B) adaptor.
C) illustrator.
D) affect display.
A) regulator. (p.97)
While waiting for the door to the electronics store to be opened, Kevin subconsciously jingled the keys in his pocket. This behavior may be best described as a(n):

A) physical-adaptor.
B) object-adaptor.
C) emblem-adaptor.
D) alter-adaptor.
B) object-adaptor. (p.97)
Which of the following characteristics of nonverbal communication may be the best indicator of how involved a person is in a communication situation?

A) gestures
B) appearance
C) eye contact
D) proximity
C) eye contact (p.100)
After watching the president's speech with his friends, Glen starts a lively conversation and hopes to hear other people's opinions about it. He wants to position himself at the distance considered to be the most comfortable for the free exchange of feedback. In this case, he would maintain a(n)

A) intimate distance.
B) public distance.
C) social distance.
D) personal distance.
D) personal distance. (p.101)
Inside Amanda's cubicle at work, a huge letter "A" hangs on the wall and a sticker that says "Amanda's place" is on the computer monitor. To claim her space, Amanda has used

A) central markers.
B) boundary markers.
C) ear markers.
D) territorial markers.
C) ear markers. (p.102)
Brenda stays out all night during a heavy snowstorm and doesn't get home till the following evening. Her mother says, "It would have been polite to call, since it was the worst blizzard of the decade." Brenda points out that she is twenty-three years old and not a child anymore. She gives a number of examples of her independence and maturity. Her mother remains silent. What function does her mother's silence fulfill?

A) to use as a weapon to hurt Brenda
B) to give Brenda time to think and digest the information presented
C) to prevent communication with Brenda
D) to deal with personal anxiety or shyness
B) to give Brenda time to think and digest the information presented (p.107)
________________ serve to divide your territory from that of others.

A) Demarcation markers
B) Boundary markers
C) Central markers
D) Earmarkers
B) Boundary markers (p.102)
_____________ markers are items you place in a territory to reserve it for you, such as a coat over a chair.

A) Boundary
B) Demarcation
C) Ear
D) Central
D) Central (p.102)
The study of smell communication is called

A) olfactory
B) olfactics
C) nasalotics
D) sensoritics
B) olfactics (p.104)
Touch communication, also called __________ communication, is the most primitive form of nonverbal communication.

A) tactile
B) textile
C) sensory
D) temperament
A) tactile (p.
The study of touch communication is called

A) Hepology
B) Haptics
C) Hazology
D) Herlis
B) Haptics (p.105)
_____________ is/are the vocal but nonverbal dimension of speech.

A) Language
B) Gestures
C) Facial expressions
D) Paralanguage
D) Paralanguage (p.106)
Individuals normally remove themselves physically from interaction when addressing large groups. Which proxemic distance does this involve?

A) personal distance
B) social distance
C) intimate distance
D) public distance
D) public distance (p.101)
Compared to men, women tend to _____ while speaking and in listening, and while communicating with both men and women.

A) make eye contact more and maintain it longer
B) refrain from showing their emotions
C) maintain a closer distance to the other person
D) use territorial markers
A) make eye contact more and maintain it longer (p.112)
The members of a _____ tend to minimize the level of closeness and amount of touch they display during conversations with others.

A) contact culture
B) proxemic culture
C) localized culture
D) noncontact culture
D) noncontact culture (p.113)
People in monochronic cultures see time as

A) a foundation upon which to create relationships.
B) rigid and structured.
C) fluid and flexible.
D) insignificant.
B) rigid and structured. (p.114)
People in _____ cultures believe that human relations are more important than the business at hand. So, even in business situations, time is a relativity unimportant issue.

A) monochronic
B) polychronic
C) multichronic
D) collectivist
B) polychronic (p.114)
Which of the following tends to be true concerning people who operate on polychronic time?

A) They consider a job to be the most important part of a person's life.
B) They do one thing at a time.
C) They consider privacy to be extremely important.
D) They treat time schedules and plans as useful, not sacred.
D) They treat time schedules and plans as useful, not sacred. (P.114)
In the US, the color ____________ signifies capitalism, go ahead, and envy.

A) yellow
B) green
C) blue
D) red
B) green (p.113)
In China, the color __________ signifies wealth and authority.

A) yellow
B) green
C) red
D) blue
A) yellow (p.113)
Silence may signal all of the following, EXCEPT

A) personal anxiety
B) emotional response
C) the importance of the message
D) intense interest
D) intense interest (p.107-108)
_____________ messages are conveyed through objects or arrangements made by human hands.

A) Gestures
B) Artifactual
C) Facial expressions
D) Body
B) Artifactual (p.103)