20 terms

Capitalization Practice

Capitalize the first word of a sentence
the basketball game was cancelled.
Capitalize names of animals
My dog rufus likes bacon.
Capitalize names of persons
I told george not to eat that ghost pepper.
Capitalize names of cities and towns
We visited paris in the springtime.
Capitalize names of rivers, lakes and bodies of water
The great lakes are freezing cold!
Capitalize names of countries and continents
People from finland might live in the arctic.
Capitalize names of streets and highways
Take interstate 44 to Joplin.
Capitalize holidays
Is columbus day a school holiday?
Capitalize months and days of the week
My birthday, may 16, falls on a saturday.
Capitalize titles of movies
She watched the hunger games at school.
Capitalize directions that are regions
Are you going out west on vacation this year?
Do not capitalize directions
Travel West on Porter Wagoner Blvd.
Capitalize book titles
I just finished reading the legend of sleepy hollow.
Capitalize personal titles before a person's name
George went to see dr. Kelly for his burnt tongue.
Capitalize personal titles after a person's name
Ken Smartie, jr. is the new store manager.
Capitalize the interjection O
Lead us bravely into battle, o great Athena.
Capitalize the pronoun I
i'm not ever eating a ghost pepper again!
Capitalize the greeting and closing of a letter
dear Grandma, Please send money! yours truly, George
Capitalize the names of buildings and structures
King Kong climbed to the top of the empire state building.
Capitalize the names of memorials and monuments
You must visit the tomb of the unknown soldier.