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Chapter 21 AC circuits for Physics 212

Instantaneous (AC)

Peak Velocity times Sine 2 pie Frequency Time
(V = V₀ × Sin 2πƒt)

Current RMS

Voltage divided by Resistance
(I = V÷R)

Voltage RMS

.707 Peak Voltage
(V = V₀÷√2)
(V ≈ .707×V₀)

Average Power in an AC circuit

Voltage squarred divided by Resitance
(P = V²÷R)
(P = I²×R)

Capacitive Reactance

1 divided by 2 pie frequency capacitance
(Xc = 1 ÷ 2πƒC)

Inductive Reactance

2 pie frequency L
(XL = 2πƒL)

Ohm's law Resistor

Velocity divided by Current
(R = V÷I)

Ohm's law Capacitor

Voltage divided by Current
(Xc = V÷I)

Ohm's law Inductor

Voltage divided by Current
(XL = V÷I)

Ohm's law Generalized to AC circuits

Ohm's law Generalized to AC circuits

Impedance for a series RLC circuit

Square Root of paranthesis Restitance squared + paranthesis Inductive Reactance - Capacitive Reactance end paranthesis squared
(Z=√(R²+ (XL-Xc)²)

Phase angle between voltage and current in a series RLC circuit

Tangent Theta = Inductive Reactance - Capacitive Reactance divided by Resistance

Power factor for an RLC circuit

Cosine Theta = Resitance divided by Impedance

Average power in terms of power factor

Current RMS Voltage RMS Cosine Theta

Resonance frequency of a series RLC circuit

1 over 2 pie Square Root L Current

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