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Many early explorers called the region of the American West between the Mississippi River and the Rocky Mountains the

Great American Desert

In the mid-1800s Anglo-American settlers in the Far West included all of the following groups except


The caste system of the Spanish Southwest had as its bottom group

the Indians without tribes

The Plains tribes exhibited all of the following characteristics except

they were finally able to band together to fight the white man

By the early nineteenth century the most powerful tribe in the Missouri River valley was the


The weaknesses of the Plains Indians in their struggles with the white settlers included all of the following factors except

they were not aggressive or warlike

When the United States began to govern Hispanic New Mexico it created a territorial government composed of

almost exclusively Anglo-Americans

In Hispanic California and Texas the coming of Anglo-Americans meant that

all of the answers below

Chinese who lived in the western United States worked in all of the following occupations except

developers of gold mining corporations

In California anti-Chinese sentiment grew to the point that

the federal government prohibited any further Chinese immigration into the country

White settlement of the Great Plains west of the Mississippi occurred because of

all of the answers below

Settlers came to the West in pursuit of all of the following economic opportunities except

readily available supplies of water

To encourage settlement the federal government passed a law that permitted settlers to buy land for small amounts of money if they lived on that land. The law was called the

Homestead Act

The federal government aided settlement into the Great Plains region by all of the following means except

giving cash bonuses to every settler who established residency in the new territories

The multiracial working class in the western United States of the late 1800s

contained a higher percentage of single people than the workers in other parts of the country

Mining in the West was characterized by

areas that rapidly declined after the deposits were mined

The mining towns that developed between 1860 and 1890

all of the answers below

The western mining industry of the late 1800s exploited large deposits of all of the following minerals except


In general women in the mining areas had all of the following characteristics except

they could not find any work as wage laborers in mining towns

The great cattle trails ran through all of the following states except


At the end of the Civil War the number of cattle roaming the Texas ranges was approximately

5 million

The railroads influenced the cattle industry by

all of the answers below

The cattle kingdom of the West depended on all of the following factors except

U.S. Army protection

The natural enemies of the ranchers included all of the following groups except


The range-cattle industry declined for all of the following reasons except

decreasing demand for beef

Women in politics gained most respect and earliest suffrage in the

western frontier territories

During the late 1800s the West was romanticized for all of the following reasons except

cowboys had lives full of continual excitement

The historian Frederick Jackson Turner argued that the frontier shaped America by

stimulating individualism & nationalism & democracy

Western historians have offered all of the following interpretations of the West except

the West was a land of terrorism & ignorance & stagnation

For legal purposes the federal government traditionally viewed Indian tribes as

independent nations with whom treaties could be negotiated

After the Civil War U.S. government policy toward the western Indian tribes was to

settle all of the Indians in two big areas

Under the 1867 Indian Peace Commission plan the federal government attempted to relocate the Plains Indians to

Oklahoma and the Dakotas

Under the administration of the Bureau of Indian Affairs the Indians suffered because

all of the answers below

The buffalo were virtually exterminated in the 1860s and 1870s for all of the following reasons except

the meat industry needed meat for its eastern markets

In its long-running battle with the Indians the government sought all of the following goals except

strengthening tribal ties to allow easier negotiation with the Indians

The following pairs match Indian chiefs with the tribes that they led in resistance to the whites. The incorrect pair is

Crazy Horse—Sioux

The 1887 law that tried to force Indians to assimilate into white society by ending tribal ownership of land and distributing it to individual tribe members was the

Dawes Severalty Act

Sand Creek and the Washita River are associated with the

massacre of peaceful Plains Indians

Which chief led his tribe on an incredible trek of defensive battles that covered over 1300 miles toward the Canadian border?

Chief Joseph

Geronimo managed to resist the U.S. military for more than a decade by

setting up effective bases in the mountains

The most important factor in allowing farmers to settle the Great Plains was the

transcontinental railroad

During the period in which the railroads expanded into the West all of the following events occurred except

both federal and state government offered incentives to railroad companies

In the late 1800s farmers on the Great Plains faced all of the following problems except

high land prices

Farming on the Great Plains in the late 1800s consisted mainly of

commercial operations

After the boom of the 1870s and 1880s agriculture in the West

experienced a long period of economic decline

By 1900 the majority of American farmers had become

businessmen confronted with highly unstable market conditions

Although overproduction caused many of the difficulties facing farmers in the late 1800s they blamed their economic problems on all of the following groups except

government agencies that kept prices on farm goods too low

Farmers' grievances in the late 1800s consisted of all of the following except

grievances against the U.S. government for not passing tariffs to protect their products from foreign competition

In comparing themselves with the rest of the nation farmers felt that they were

receiving fewer economic and social rewards than were other groups

The economic difficulties and isolation of farm life near the turn of the century caused all of the following except

several minor rebellions similar to Shays's rebellion

The writings of Hamlin Garland expressed

disillusionment with the promise of the West

The growth of the West

all of the answers below

During the last half of the 1800s the dramatic industrial growth of the United States was caused by all of the following factors except

low tariffs on imports

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