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Music of the Baroque Age

Mr. Kelly's music lecture.
The term "baroque" was originally ________
The baroque era was a ________ time for music
Who did not like Baroque music?
what did composers do?
Portray specific states of emotions, and create contrast through the use of dynamics and contrasting performing groups (concerto)
What is a concerto?
Orchestra v a small group of players or a soloist. Built on the idea of contrast
What are dynamics?
Same phrase is played louly then softly, or a sound is played by a soft instrument then a stronger instrument (Fanfare: flute, then trumpet). Known as the 'echo effect'
Who enjoyed music?
General public because operas became popular in Venice and Rome.
When did London begin to have public concert series?
When did France begin to have Public concert series?
France 1725
When did Germany begin to have public concert series?
How were concerts funded?
Subscriptions; people signed up and paid in advance and the money went to pay for everything needed.
GF Handel
Inagurated the idea for charity concerts.
What type of rule was enforced after charity concerts got too popular?
Dress code
What happens to forms by the end of the Baroque era?
They become set
What is contradictory about conventions of Baroque music?
The focus on emotion along with the use of delineated structure
what begins to be used in the baroque era?
What evolves from "modes"?
Tonality/Majors and minors
What is an opera?
Popular large scale production that is expressive and elaborate
What are cantatas?
Short unstaged opera-like performances. Written for instruments and one or two voices. Portray a single scene or situation.
What was JS Bach known for?
Church Cantatas/liturgical themes. Presented on Church Sundays.
What is a chamber cantata?
Cantata that portrays secular stories
What were some themes found in chamber cantatas?
love lost and nymphs
What makes a sonata different than a Concerto?