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A more creative method of problem-solving is the use of

divergent thinking

Divergent thinking

thinking that moves away in diverging directions so as to involve a variety of aspects and which sometimes lead to novel ideas and solutions

Vygotsky believed that

langauage could help a child learn to control social behavior. (Langaue p 286)

The debate over whether animals use real langauge centers around

the fact that none of the animal have achieved langauge development comparable to a 3-year-old human

In the brain, creating a mental image is __________________ seeing an actual image

almost the opposite of (How People Think, p 255)

Most subordinate concept
-flowering trees

MAGNOLIAS .(How People THink p 256)

Even after her girlfriends reported seeing her boyfriend Jeff out at the clubs with other women, Jackie continues to believ her boyfriend and hsi friends who say the women are just old neighborhood friends. This is an example of __________..

Confirmation bias. (How People Think, p 262)

A mechanical problem-solving technique is also referred to as

Trial and error (How People Think p 258)

Heuristics could also be called

"rules of thumb" (How People THink p 259)

One barrier to innovative problem solving is persisting in using techniques that have been successful in the past, also known as ______________.

mental set (How People Think p 262)

Weschler's four index scales are verbal comprehension, perceptual reasoning, working memory, and _________________.

processing speed

IQ is assumed to be normally distributed with a maean IQ of 100 and a typical standard deviation of about __.


Kanzi the chimpanzee comunicates with researchers by using. . .

abstract symbols on a keyboard and making some sounds.

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