24 terms

GRE - root words

The root prefixes and their assoicated words
A: Without
amoral, atheist, atypical, anonymous, apathy, atrophy, anomaly, agnostic
AB/ABS: Off, Away From, Apart, Down
abduct, abhor, abolish, abstract, abnormal, abdicate, abstinence, abstruse
AC/ACR: Sharp Bitter
acid, acute, acerbic, acrid, acrimonious, exacerbate (to increase bitterness)
ACT/AG: To Do, To Drive, To Force, To Lead
agile, agitate, litigate, prodigal, pedagogue, synagogue
AD/AL: To, Toward, Near
Adapt, adjacent, addict, admire, address, adhere, adjoin, advocate
AL/ALI/ALTER: Other, Another
alternative, alias, alibi, alien, alter ego, altruist, allegory
AM: Love
amateur, amatory, amenity, amorous, enamored, inamorata (female lover) amiable, amicable
AMB: To Go: To Walk
ambient, ambitious, preamble (introductory statement), ambassador, ambulance, ambulatory, ambush, perambulatory
AMBI/AMPH: Both, More than one, around
ambigious, amphibian, ambidextrious
ANIM: Of the Life, mind, soul, spirit
unanimous, animosity, animus equanimity, magnanimous,
annual, annuity, perennial, annals
ANTE: Before
antedate, antebellum, antediluvian (before biblical flood, very old)ant
ANTHRO/ANDR: Man, human
android, misanthrope (hates humans), philanderer, androgen, anthropocentric
ANTI: Against
antibody, antidote, antispetic, antipathy (aversion), antipodal (opposite side of globe)
APO: Away
apology, apostle, apocalypse, apogee (highest or most distant point), apocryphal (of doubtful authorship or authenticity), apostasy (a total desertion of one's religion, principles, party, cause, etc.)
ARCH: Cief, principal, ruler
architect, archenemy, monarchy, anarcy, oligarchy (ruled by a select group)
AUTO: Self
automatic, autocrat, autonomy
BE: To be; to have a particular quality
belittle, bemoan, bewilder, belie (misrepresent, contradict)
BEL: War
antebellum, rebel, belligerent (warlike)
benefit, benign, benediction (blessing) , benevolent (desiring to good for others), bonus, bona fide (in good faith)
CAD/CID: To Fall, to happen by chance
accident, coincidence, decadent (decaying, detiriorating) cascade, recidivist
Cant/Cent/Chant: To Sing
accent, chant, enchant, recant, incantation, incentive
Cap/Cip/Cept: To Take; To Get
precept, percipient, emancipate, capture
Cap/Capit/Cipit: Head, Headlong
Capital, disciple, precipice ( a cliff with at vertical face), capitulate (to surrender), caption,